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PostSubject: INNER CLANS AND TYPES OF DEMONS   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:34 am

The Inner Clans are a group of Demons / Beasts that work together to do a task with in Hell. Each Inner Clan has a Leader that controls how they do their task. As well as requirements to join the ranks.

( At your choice you are to put 'Wolf's Hell' in your interest with your rank, so we know who you are. For example; WH @ Commander / Wolf's Hell @ Commander )

TOP chain
1: The Master of Hell
2: The Queen of Hell
3: Prince/Princess
4: The Commander
5: Horsemans and Inner clan leaders

Prince and Princess of Hell
Offspring of the King and Queen. (!NOT SEEKING!)

//////////////////////////////// Hells Army (Hell Knights / Hell Warriors) ///////////////////////////////

The Commander
The Commander is the leader of the Hell Knights and is in charge of training and managing Hells Forces, meaning he/she must know how to fight in the Ring and Dice battles AND teach the army how to fight. Commander is chosen personally and strictly by the King and Queen.

The General is the right hand of a Commander, one rank lower. Their role is the same also chosen personally and strictly by the King and Queen.

Hell Knight Champion
The Champion is the victor a proven warrior in combat of all forms and at the top of fighting skill out ranked only by there Master , Queen and commanders
To become a Champion you need
-> You need to win the Nexes battles.
-> You need to have 10 Trophy's.

The Warriors

The main force of Hell, warrior Demons. They fight in the name of Hell and themselves, meaning they participate in RP, ring system, dice roll battles and etc, following after the Commander the General and Hell Knight.
To be a member of the army you need
-> To have a mastery in magic or Melee Ring Combat

//////////////////////////////////////////// The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse ////////////////////////////////////////////





The non cannon horsemen




//////////////////////////////////////////// Danse Macabre (the Dancers of Death) ////////////////////////////////////////////

The Serpent
The Head Dancer. One to find new moves and outfits and set the rules for anything else around the dancers. Chosen By the King and Queen
-> Your own Mix
-> 5 Dance styles

The Dancers
The Dancers are in charge of entertaining and welcoming all to there Hellish home, have a dance and at least one good looking, ap non ap fit, as well as move there bodies for there King and Queen.
-> 3 Dance styles

//////////////////////////////////////////// The Hell Forge ////////////////////////////////////////////

The Master Forge
Its the head of the Hell forge in charge of outfits and items that need to be made as well as any uniforms for their clan. They are also in charge of making the items for the royals.
-> To hold VIP
-> Have proven skill in Textures

Hell Forge Demons
Are Demons that make items for Hell with help of there follow forge beasts shearing resources and Technics.
To Be a Hell forge demon you need
-> To hold VIP

//////////////////////////////////////////// The Hell Hounds ////////////////////////////////////////////

( -Can be a furry- )
The Cerberus
Is the Alpha and head of the pack of Hell hound. Their role is the protection of Hells grounds and the Demons with-in
as well as coordinate where the Hell hounds are needed and making sure that they are kept in line.
-> To know the MOD rules and the Rules of Hell

//////////////////////////////////////////// Other TYPES ////////////////////////////////////////////

A demon, daemon or fiend is a supernatural, often malevolent being prevalent in religion, occultism, literature, fiction, mythology and folklore.Demons are the race of beasts that live in Hell in service of Master and Mistress. Demon is not so much of a rank as the overall race name for the species. Demons have non-human skin but do tend to be darker colors due to the lack of light in Hell. They have slit eyes that of a lizard or dragon giving them amazing sight. All demons have a tails and horns to match the impressive weapon. Each one of demon species has it's meaningful look and powers.
Demons that have a Master and a Hell also gain a almost immortal trait. If a demon is killed in another realm then they regenerate to Hell. A demon can only be killed in one way. In a deal where the demon agrees to fight to the death.
To be a demon you need to be; active, loyal and get a word from an demonic brother and sister.

Demon Sage
This is a rank give by the Master of Hell allowing the demon power to host RP events such as missions. A demon sage is a powerful demon able to see and calculate the moves and intentions of all who move against hell. They use there power to lead the demon forces guiding them to items or people of importance.


[b]Prince and Princess of Hell - KurahiTheWrathful, CheshireMentality, Carcinogen, Yonkami (NanamiRinEthereal, SnowZaahira)
The Commander - elena27bilb
General -
Hell Knight Champion -
The Serpent - NanamiRinEthereal (Yuyu)
The Master Forge - TiffanyDayton
The Cerberus - BronwenZaahira (Jakey)
Demon Sage - [/b]


Death - TheLustfulKurahi
Grievance - KurahiTheWrathful
Pestilence - Carcinogen
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