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 Rules of Hell

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PostSubject: Rules of Hell   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:43 am

When you kneel before King and Queen call him your Master and Lord/King and her your Queen and Mistress. If you become a demon you must RESPECT and OBEY the rules of Hell.
Braking these rule can have you stripped of your rank and cast out. Remember that joining Hell you took an oath to the demon that trusted you and gave there word to the King and Queen that you would be loyal to them and the kingdom.

Chain of Command
> King and Queen
> Highest level in the room

_____________LEAVING HELL_____________

Leaving Hell is different depending on the Demon and why they leave. But in a general sense IF you leave Hell you will be banished from the room and the kingdom. This is to add real pressure upon your choice.

When you opt to leave the kingdom you sent your request to the King and then you are given 24hrs to change your mind. You will be asked one final time if you are sure you want to leave, before being banished from the rooms.

In order to join back as a guest you will need to get a demons word then to become a member again you need another demons word. However due to how you left Hell the Master and Queen may decide that you need more words or might out right refuse you returning as a demon.


1. Never insult the Royal blood, or other demonic brothers n sisters.
2. Respect and follow all orders given to you from your King and Queen.
3. King and Queen are always to listen but when a Prince/Princess ask you to stop the drama, you do it or they have every right to boot you out of the Hell and everytime you try to disrespect.
4. Never beg for gifts or credits. You may ask of help but if you are asked to stop, stop.
5. Treating to leave Hell and / or leaving Hell because of a dispute between you and someone or more demons will permanently banish you from the pits. IF you are cast out you can ask for forgiveness to do this you will need to apologize to all your brothers n sisters and ask for their forgiveness. If enough forgive you then just maybe you can return to Hell BUT even if you do so, your points will restart.
6. Do NOT beg to be a mod. Mods are ONLY those who King and Queen choose.
7. Being in a relationship with a demon is fine HOWEVER if it is to end you both must continue serving in Hell.
8. ONLY when King and Queen allow you to sit on their lap, that's when you may, ask nicely.
9. Do NOT sit on the thrones if you are not; King, Queen, Prince, Princess. NO kids/grandchildren.
10. No wimps, thank you.
11. Demons can not date OTHER demons. ( this is takes effect 21/ 9 /17 all relationships in motion before then are allowed )
12. !!!!!!NO DRAMA!!!!!!

____________SIZE LIMITS______________

This is not a rule, but TRY not to get bigger then the Queen and King, it is not a competition.


The rules to booting or asking one to be booted.
When you boot ( unless there is not time ) type the way you kill them for fun. Wait a bit for them to read it then boot them.
Example> "I raise my hand and suck out the life from XXXstupidNamebitchXXX wile watching him/her/being torn apart by the ever lasting flames of Hell.. "

As a mod you are also a greeter. You need to know above all why they have come to Hell so you know what their intentions are.

ALL demons of Hell are given warning. If they do not listen to you after around 3 times, boot them and send the King or Queen a copy of the chat or the picture of them doing so.

1. Once a question is asked 3 times they are to be killed.
2. If they insult the Royal blood or Demons they are to be killed.
3. If they RP as any form of the following they are to be killed in the most humiliating way you can think off.
> The Devil
> The Devils child
> Some God
> Jesus
> Some powerful demon being or some other stupid shit that overpowers evrything untold etc., etc.
4. If they ask for Gifts ( For demons They can ask but only once ).
5. if they do not say why they have come ... Kill them.
6. Credit whores just boot them upon sight and report there post.
7. All demons/guests that have a problem or start getting angry at one another will leave hell immediately and let them selves cool down. Take it to the PC, your personal drama does not involve Hell or others. STOP booting because you don't feel like being in same room with them. Do that and you will loose your mods regardless of your status.

After all, last word/decision are Kings and Queens. Their word is a law. Don't like it? You are free to leave.

Enjoy your stay~
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Rules of Hell
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