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 The Queens Of Hell and the Age of Hell

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PostSubject: The Queens Of Hell and the Age of Hell   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:52 am

The Queen Of Hell : is a title given to a Demon or mortal selected by Lord Wolf to carry his seed and give birth to new pure blood demons as well as rule in his stead If he where to ever be case out again.

The Selected individual is then implanted by the Lord with his essence with turns her whole body and changes her blood and soul into that of her master and King giving her the ability to carry the masters children to term and birthing them

The birth of a pure blood is different to that of any other once the queen is impregnated she grows as if she is carrying a child but really she is processing the power and spirit of the next Kin. She then hunts for a body to place the soul inside and turning them into a pure blood and the child of the 2 demons. The new Kin or young-blood takes on aspects from there Queen and King.

( The kin although son or daughter of the king and queen since they are pure blood they two are able to breed the daughter able to carry Pure blood seed and the Son able to implant it. Thus keeping the demon blood line alive if the Lord was cast out once more.)

The Age Of Kingdom: The age of the kingdom is determined by the rise and fall of a Hell Queen Since they where never truly pure the power will destroy them how-ever it is unknown how long it takes but every queen falls a
and Once they do there power is returned to the Lord wolf and he is then able to mark a new Queen .

Age Of Asha :Original Hell Queen ( burned to Dust by time )

Age Of Lover: Carried 1 young blood and was killed by her for the throne

Age Of Blood: Only child of the Lord to ascend to Queen ( burned to Dust by time )

Age Of 3: 3 Queens where crowned to help keep the bloodline alive However there can only be one they killed each other and no queen ruled.

Age Of Temptation : She ruled well till the power got to her and she was slain by the demons of hell

Age Of Fire: Although trimmed she ruled well carrying 2 children Princess Clara and Princess Wolf. Wolf died with her mother as Katie gained the support of demons slated them for the title of queen and took Clara under her wing.

Age Of Katie: She ruled for the longest and carried 1 child as well as having her step daughter Princess Clara. she however betrayed the kingdom carrying the child of a mortal as well as power flooded her mind she was cast out by Lord wolf himself having her queen blood ripped from her as she tried to destroy her master however being powerful in spirit she lived and she sought revenge upon his Realm.

Age Of Night: Hell was in need of a queen and Midnight served well in the battle against Queen Katie and offered her life for her lord and master gaining the demons support and helping there master cast out the Hell Queen she was then arose to the title and ruled and well forming many of the Demon Guards and there armor was cast in her blood. She carried 1 child Princess Deaf and was forming the spirt for another when she was torn from the World. Thought lost in time when she was announced dead by Lord Wolf he then pulled the Queens power from the void believing she burned to dust however this was not the case, Hell Queen Night struggled within dimensions and when her power was taken she curse the Lords name casting hell into almost internal war almost summoning the Hell Queen Katie to help in destroying there once master Lord Wolf .

Age Of Silence: In order to return peace to his Realm Lord Wolf declared total rule casting no queen and no kin The title was locked away Until one can gain the Love of the Elite Demons and others and prove to be queen in right.

Age Of Wolves: the Demon TheMaliciousWolf was chosen by the master to rule as queen. Currently the most popular and Current Hell Queen. She have give birth to 3 Children Princess Rose her oldest Prince HystericalCarnage and princess Jessica her youngest their official title being the children of wolves.

Age Of Last: Queen Mal has ruled longer then any Queen before her becoming one of the most loved and respected queens to have ever ruled. And thus the Master said that there will be no other. Mal will be the last queen to ever be on the throne. Hell lives and dies with her and the King they rule as one body. Hell king and Hell Queen long may they live." For my Master , For my Queen "

Age Of Change: After a long time of failure and neglect by the Demon King Hell was torn and tested, through the guidance of the last Queen Mal, Lord wolf seen his miss-actions and with her still at his side he moved and channeled his power re-building the Realm and sitting once again upon his throne a Age of change had come and with is a drive and need to never fail again.

Age Of Crossing: After much meditating and focus the Master gained more and more power in the study of ripping space time. Having success in the past with the pocket dimension " The Nexes" The desired more. He wanted to reach a new dimension on beyond the realms currently in reach. However a Hell Gate can only be formed on a plan with his influence, and he was too large to move all of his full form. So he took a part of his power and then ripped a small hole in space time and thrust creating the Life form DrogYol Sunvaar. Feeding his power into Drogyol slowly over time Once enough powerful crosses over the opens the rip more connecting the Pit and the Realm of Drogyol eventually forming a Hell Gate.

Age Of Return: With the Hell gate becoming stable and the Realm of Drogyol feeding more and more power to the master it was now strong enough for others to follow in his wake. His power increasing it was time to return the Thanes.
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The Queens Of Hell and the Age of Hell
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