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 The Hell King: Lord Wolf

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PostSubject: The Hell King: Lord Wolf   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:53 am

When the world was created and born from dust many souls came out of the mist. These souls wondered in time and formed many of the grounds that exist in the Over-World. However there where 6 that did not these 6 formed the clan of beasts born pure of there blood and shunned out of the Overlord They formed the Nexsx.

Balixal :Born of vampires Sextedo: Born of Darkness Lamzie: Born of Fur uDarkWolf: Born Of Demons

Xsor: Born of Love uDaorem : Born Of Lycans

Many where sucked into there mist each forming there own rule of witch to rule. However one day they broke into war.
Sextedo and uDarkWolf sort power over the other kingdoms and claimed them in there own blood Wolfs Hell rose up and devoured the realms of Love and Lycans where Sextedos wraiths blackened the Vampires and Furs. This turned into 2 powerful kingdoms Wolfs Hell and the Dark Mist.

These two kingdoms clashed in a epic battle for power many of there minions being destroyed those who where not fled the untold power of there masters until only Lord Wolf and Lord Tedo stood in Void each as powerful as each other. They ended the Nexsx , the clan of beasts fell as these two stood as gods the power of there conflict echoed in the void through any doors left behind by there minions who had fled into the Over-World. There Minions where left with no other choice they form 100's of kingdoms and clans built army's then attacked the void endless ways of mortal body's entering the void attacking the two Lords eventually casting them out. Once ended the Minons believed to have won left the void as it fell in on itself lost forever.

The minons left behind continued to live in the Over-world where others repaired what remained of the Nexsx. They lived and died many times, kingdoms went to war the fell and rose and they forgot there once god Masters until one-day where from dust just like before the fire burned once more bringing forth the Demon God him self Lord Wolf he returned and he started to re-build his Hellish domain to its former glory. Thus he created the Age of Asha the first Queen of DarkWolf new rule

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The Hell King: Lord Wolf
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