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 Main StoryLine

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PostSubject: Main StoryLine    Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:41 pm

Large step ring out over Hell as the Dark masters hooves slam the ground below him. Dust and dirt moving away from him as if it could feel fear itself. The deep endless eyes of the Demon lord glow red as he looks out over the Ocean of lava that burns over his Realm. It was time, hell had grown so strong his demons loyalty was unmovable. It was time they reached out.

Lifting his large hand up pointing out to the abyss. His eyes glow red and in a moment with and explosion of energy the Lava burst aside followed by a load crack and boom. the demon master looks out over the parted sea, light shines before pulling in on itself ripping a hole in space time. There is a strong pull from the vortex that stands before him" It is time " the demon lord closes his hand into a fist as the portal slams shut. Now able to cross dimensions, it is possible to grow even stronger, almost limitless.

It was time to send his demons forth to take these realms and worlds, power will come and hell will rise
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Main StoryLine
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