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 Mission 1 - [ Gate to Docums Cay ] 1pm Central European Time

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PostSubject: Mission 1 - [ Gate to Docums Cay ] 1pm Central European Time   Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:41 pm

Gate Stats [ OPEN]
World Name [Docums Cay ]
Life [Wisea Empire and Nuzajit ]

DrogYol  Sits downthe chair seeing that Elena had set up maps from wars they had raided in the past " commander
he nods to her " the gate will open soon and if you need you can use 3 legions" i am interested in what you plan
on doing going into the unknown.

elena27bilb looks at master with a grin in my face "Think the best is send little scouting teams at first while the gate gets stabilized,
that way we could know what we r fighting, also find ourselfs some worshipers in the place we end in"

DrogYol "hmmm"

elena27bilb "also maybe some of our succubus could make some locals worship us so the gate stabilizes faster thx to their souls adding to your power"

DrogYol: " There is a item you can take with you called the Shine of DrogYol , it should add you in corrupting places of importance.
the most effective places to attack are temples and shines, places of worship"
[Shine of DrogYol: a item that can corrupt a area and be used to start cults. For 500 Life essence it can act as a doorway for DrogYol himself ]

after some time. he looks up at his commander.

DrogYol  " What are you going to do commander if its just you on this mission like some of our other raids ? "  

elena27bilb: " Well if its only me, maybe i should try to disguise myself a bit at first, i know is not my style,
im more into bring havoc to where i go but, not knowing where that will be"

DrogYol  " ahh Gem of the Deceiver then ... interesting commander "
[ Gem of the Deceiver : This item allows you to take the form of the first life form you see. But when you take damage or deal damage the gem brakes and you are returned to normal ]

elena27bilb: " i think my presence there is enough to get the gate working and stabilizing it at first but we
will need more forces there"
DrogYol " The gate will need 24hrs  to take hold of the realm and stabilize, Hell hounds could be good , you could  hide them for a bit if you need, using some of
your power , Also i have no idea where you are going the portal will open and you will need to find all about the land yourself."

elena27bilb: that sounds fun" smiles at master at the idea

DrogYol  " looking at her his deep eyes as he passes on wisdom " Remmber that if you get attacked you will brake focus and they will be seen "  
reading over a past mission report before saying " might be best to have a legions on stand by , you can try and open a gate and have them charge in  
" might be a tad risky with the timing "

elena27bilb" well if i have to go on my own i dont mind , probably will take some hell hounds with me as first wave"

DrogYol  Watches elena strap a shine of DrogYol to her armor as she hands a Deciver gem from her neck. The Demonic legion marching up to the tower awaitting
orders , the Winged legionflys over head Landing on the towers and p[illers also awaitting there commander. Hell Hounds Burst from the lava as they move
up sitting beside her " well seems you are ready "

elena27bilb  looking at the might of hell in all its glory " yes master i am ready and i will take this new world in your name ,ill send a signal to send the forces into the gate

DrogYol  Narrate stands up his eyes a deep red as he points a finger out over the lava. A large purst of power flows over hell as the lava parts forming a parth a ball of
light falls in on itself and soon rips a hole in space and time " good luck commander "

elena27bilb: "Our enemies will need luck if they try to oppose us, for DrogYol and Hell"
turns around and walks to the portal preparing mentally to see this new world.

a large white light comes over her before she awakes in a open green hill the portal humming low behind her, the sky a bright blue a deep and thick forest towers
before her But a fairly big walled kingdom sits in the distance.. The ground below her turning dark as the grass dies around the open vortex.
elena27bilb looks around to what looks like a pretty peacefull a green world, searching for a creature on which to use the gem to get to explore futher away from the recently opeed gate
a rabbit hops about in the grass as a small deer runs away from the roaring portal and the darkness that now comes to a stop around the vortex  

elena27bilb  looking at the little furry creature hoping around i concentrate on the gems power to transform into it
the world seems peaceful nothing seems to have seen the portals creation. as the Demonic commander now sits as a rabbit her eyes still red but very fitting in this form.
elena27bilb  thinking to myself "all going as planned lets see what the defenders of this world looks like" moving around from bush to bush hoping as careful as posible
as try to spy the surroundings of the gate looking for locals

The sound of marching feet as 5 armored human looking soilders come into sight with small wings coming from there backs " I swear i seen somthing like light , we need
to look sir. Could be a Nuzajit " there is a odd symbol on there capes " Yes we can not leave anythign to chance, we will look but then head back to the road "
the soilders are heading to the gate area.  

elena27bilb sending a telphatic signal to master DrogYol asking for info as i try to describe the soldiers "master i have never seen this
soldiers, look like human but with little wings in their backs, they r not angels, cause would not walk on their feet if they can fly and this look weaker than angels"
elena27bilb  thinking my next move i dont loose sight of them from the bush i am hide in .
her message gets to Hell ( - 5 from MP ) " I do not know did you with to deploy any forces?" his hand held out as he stands keeping the portal open as he slowly gets a grip on the world.

"bring the hellhounds in, i will take them on fight if they get to close to the portal" slowly follows the creatures trying to not be noticed preparing my move on them if they get too close,
wondering if they will be able to fly.  
they enter the open area seeing the roaring portal and dead grass around it " By all in Wisea... what is that thing" They seem dumbstruck as the portal roars to life the 3 Hell hounds
passing in there eyes glowing read as they Growl deep. The Soilders drawing there swords as the undead fire hounds show before them
( Battle , Elana can go first or pass speed = 20 , Hell hounds speed = 13 the soilders speed = 5)  

elena27bilb  taking advantage of they looking at the roaring hellhounds i reach their back and transform back to myself hitting the one that looked like their leader and the one nex to
him using my twin claws to do quicker attacks

One soilder his the ground hard as the other turns aroudn able to defect the incoming Demon commander " OMG the captain is dead! what is going on ! " The hell hound move the second
they see there comander. Ripping apart there targets the forest fills with screams till only one remain. The soul of the captain soon roaring from his body and into the claws of the
Demon commander . dust fills the air a little along with burnt grass from where the Hounds hand torrn up there pray. They growl low as they move to be beside the commander.
The soidger panics and starts to flee
ordering the hellhounds to follow and pin down the soldier on the run and doing so myself also trying to pin him down and taking it with me so i can get info on this world
The hell hounds roar into life the life form unable to escape them one move in frount howling as he falls over the other too snappign at his arms as they start dragging him back
to the commander the other one runnign past soon sitting by the demon as her target is returned to her.

elena27bilb  WhisperNarrate standing in front of the terrorized creature as the hellhounds pin him in front of me, i start asking him what this world is and who are they, using my powers to try and slave his mind.
DrogYol  moves and yells resisting " ahh no Nooo what are you, what is this ! " panics tryign to get free from the Hounds jaws.
elena27bilb  grabbing his head looking into his eyes and searching his mind for the information i seek "dont make it worst i could order them to rip your legs and will still get my answers"
he gives in " Please no no i will talk I WILL TALK " he panics more as the demon commander gets in his face.
"then answer me and as u have witness our power u can worship who will be the next ruler of this world and give ur soul to him or...u can die here by my hand u choose"to make good enphasis on my words
i put my claw over his stomach.
nods yes i give in i do as you can you can have it yes i feel your might i give , i give" he bows submitting to the Demon Commander.

elena27bilb "good boy...now tell me the name of this world, what is your species, and where are your worshiping places around here"
nods to her " This world we call Docums Cay. We are the Wisea people. We have a temple in the kingdom , there is only one kingdom for we fight a endless war agaisnt the Nuzajit.
message gets back to Hell " I dont know everything about that world is new "

elena27bilb  "ok" i order the hellhounds to set the poor creature free " u will go back to your kingdom and say ur company was attacked by nuzajit and that u where the only one
that scaped, u will bring info from ur kingdom and the nuzajit from time to time to this same place, u will leave a letter and leave, we will receive ur info and u r bound to our
master so u cant fool us, take that to account"
nods to her will and holds his hands blood dripping down from them as the hounds return behind the commander. He moves off into the forest and heads back to his kingdom

elena27bilb  filling a bit exhausted from the mind searching i get back to the portal looking for damage as it continues to grow and heading into it as i see its perfectly fine
" tell us what you have thus far" The Life essance she took rours free and into her master as her Mp is restored fully

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PostSubject: Re: Mission 1 - [ Gate to Docums Cay ] 1pm Central European Time   Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:30 pm

Part 2

DrogYol  Narrate Walks with Elena to the Lava as if parts the Gate Roars to life once more as the Dark Lord focuses opening up,
The demon troops march to attention and stand tall as the Wingged beasts roar over head " Well commander anything you wish
to do before returning to the overworld?"

elena27bilb elena27bilb  Narrate walking by the masters side smiling as i see him opening the gate "no master im going to see
if the gate got any damage and to see what the forest troops have suffered this time.

DrogYol nods to her" remmber to get intal and keep an eye out for anything you can bring back to Hell for us to use"

elena27bilb: oh i forgot to tell before .... the Wisea people have some magic gems that allows them to recognize Nuzajit,
dont know how those work but i would try to track some of those down

DrogYol  looking at her" that so? could be helpful  

elena27bilb : dont know how could i get one of those but could be a great object to get and use.

DrogYol " yes it will give us a strong upper hand"  

elena27bilb " also i will take a hellhound with me today lets see if they can track the magic in these gems"

The Hounds burst from the lava beside the gate responding to Elenas words, they runn over with small growls and
pants as the undead fire dogs come to a stop around her. The master noding to her as the gate Humms to life.

elena27bilb walking through the gate with the hounds next to me watching carefully as i reach the overworld

White light covers her before she steps out into a small battlefield. The demon warriors stand at attention.
white arrows stand out of the ground some demons hav ethere armor damaged as corpses lay about. the demons
tossing the white armored beings into a pile. resting against the gate is the informant with a large hole in
his chest. Swords and spears , shields and awes lay all over the ground with off markings about them.

elena27bilb looks around noticing the informant on the floor next to the gate and the bodies and quickly
summons the captain of the demonic forces .
The large armored demon comes forth getting on one knee and nodding with respect " you summon me commander "  

elena27bilb: yes captain, how many of the Wisea people have died here? what happened to our informant? and
have you any information about some gems the Wisea people bring with them?" i say as i point out with my
finger the pile of bodys.

Nodding as he obeys the demon speeks " We count 50 of there warriors, they attacked us about 2 days agos we
seached the bodies and did find 8 Gems on a few that had these robes " The demon pointing at another as he
brings over a bloody rode, stange gold markings on its collor the robe would have been a nice blue had it
not been rubbed into the dirt and the wearer killed. " The Demon Captain pulling out a green gem hanging
from a chain " They had them clipped to the armor , we dont know if they do anything or if it is some sort of
rank" The demon looks past Elena at the informants body " He died in the conflict , showed up about 20mins
before the attack. we are unsure if they followed him or not But he had a note that was for you we assume,
so we send it back down, In the Battle i believe he was struck by a arrow or several "

elena27bilb  looking at the informant once again that hole seems pretty big for an arrow or some...something
bigger must have hit him...one more question captain...Have u noticed any strange behaviour in our fellow
demons this last two days? -i ask looking arounds as i take the gems and the robes from tha captain

Looking at the Thane " no ma'am nothing in our troops that i can think off."

nodding to her " yes ma'am as you wish " pointing at the other demons they start ripping the armor from
the dead warriors and picking up the arrows and weapons taking them back to Hell . Turn back to Elena
" No the Gate is undamaged we did not let them near it "

elena27bilb using the telephatic bond with master DrogYol i send him the info i
got "master we got 8 green gems and some robes of the Wisea people, do you want me to send them to hell
so that Jade can study them? also the gate is unharmed.

elena27bilb turning to face the captain "good job captain, keep me informed about any strange behaviour
and anything, we have an strategy going on to take the city without a bloodbath"

DrogYol's voice rings in her head " yes send some back but keep a few so you can use the power on the serface"  

elena27bilb elena27bilb  Narrate receiving the message i quickly get the gems and robes in a bag and send
the hellhound with them through the portal ordering it to come back after it has delivered the things
keeping 3 green gems with me

The hell hound blots into the gate with the items , before returning a momment later back to the side
of Elena with out them, The demon captain nods as he orders the troops about sending 2 bodies back to
Hell to be studied before ording the rest burnt.  

elena27bilb watching the demons obey the orders as i look at the gems and try to figure out how they
work walking around the camp. thinking to myself "Jade is much better than me at this magical issues"

There is a massive bang as the burning bodies fly about a roar echos out as the demons move together drawing
their swords. but with nothing in sight there is a quick blur before some demons get sent into to Gates Border
with a thud , not hurt they get to there feet " WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ! " roars the captain as burning bodies
land all over the open field.  

elena27bilb looking up as i hear the great bang looking at the pile of bodies something is not feeling right
start yelling "defend the gate, if the Wisea people are behind this dont kill them just disarm them and make
them submit, i repeat if its not clear, DONT KILL THE WISEA PEOPLE or u will face my own wrath"
elena27bilb "Captain infor right now"
Elena is struck hard sent several feet across the ground as if hit by a large object.

elena27bil" What on hell has just happened?" looking around for the aggresor i command the hellhound to look for it
More demons are sent flying as the hell hounds roar into action leaping over bodies and demons growling there eyes a
flame as they grab hold of an almost invisible had the Hounds not highlighted it you would almost miss it.
elena27bilb  quickly running at max speed before the thing can get free of the hellhounds grasp i charge with my claws
out trying to hit a killing blow.

Elenas sword bounces off the object hitting it but not doing damage , the shape hitting her again sending her flying
not as far this time. It howls and roars trying to brake free from the Hell hounds grip but it fails as they growl and
snarl holding onto there target.

elena27bilb thinking fast i throw a green gem at it as i watch whats wrong and command the demons to
circle around the beast without letting it route of scape "You are not getting away beast"  elena27bilb takes
out Brakul Souleater my demonic energy sword to take down the fow we are facing.

The gem hits the ground doing nothing , The demons move to trap the beast but it evades them escaping but not fast
enough. The demons slowing it down enough for Elenas blade to find it mark The beast screams as it falls to the ground
colour returning to it. A large human shaped beast lay on the ground its head large almost like a wolf but with 6 eyes,
Its body was covered in Tough armored spots its forked tongue flopping free from its mouth Its hands webbed.  

elena27bilb looking at the beast panting because of the hard hits, looking at the captain and retreiving the gem again
"Captain take this thing and bring it to the gate we need to take it to hell and study this enemy, also chain it so it
cant move i dont want surprises with this thing"

elena27bilb panting "ok we will have to wait to inform master, quick, redo defensive formation around the gate and bring
that thing chained before me"nodding as some of the demons pick it up and drag it to the commander chainning it up.
"Commander" one of the demons says pointing at Two white armored beings that stand at the forest egde looking at the
demons as they dump the body of the beast at the commanders feet.

elena27bilb  looking up to the white armored beings i sheath my weapons making my claws dissapear also, i command the
demon army to stand back as i walk towards the figures looking as less menacing as posible.i greet ths 2 being with a
polite and respectful bow of head "hello Wisea people"

The gem on elena as she gets closer burns bright green before flashing as the two beings hold there heads and
howl there bodies turning green before turning into two of the beasts as they howl in pain moving into the forest and
fading into nothing before her.

elena27bilb as i see them transform i jump back using my wings to get further away "well now
i know how they work, proximity, as long as they arent in their true form"  the sound of branches braking and moving
can be heard in the forest not far and a small growl.

elena27bilb "demons get ready i think this hasnt finished yet" i try to contact master again wit the telephatic bond as i retreat
to the defensive formation to not stand alone against the beasts.

The gem on Elenas side go flying into the grass before she is also knocked to the ground with force , a blur over her before the
demon caaptain grabs the beast with his large hands ans drives his sword into its chest as it howls and falls to the ground beside
her. " the demons forming around as another blured shape moves parts but they push it back into the forest.

elena27bilb : Thanks captain " retreaving the gem again and waiting for the third attacker to show up, i command mentally the hellhounds to track the beast down
The hounds growl into life as they take off into the forest taking the beasts down there foot prints a firey trail to follow.
elena27bilb : i follow the footprints with 2 demons with me as i set the captain chaining the second beast.

The forest rings out with the howl of one of the beast as it moves abount the Hounds locking it down with there powerful jaws growling refusing to let go of
there prize as it tries to brake free.
elena27bilb  WhisperNarrate catching up to the hell hounds i unsheath Brakul for a killing blow on the beast to take it back to the camp with the other two

The beast roars and screams as she drives her sword into it it soon falling onto the ground the demons behind her ready to aid her but no need.
They grab its humanish hands and start dragging it back to the gate.

elena27bilb walking back to the camp i command the demons to chain the third beast as i sweep my sweat from my forhead.
silence falls the demons look aout now ready for anything the smallest movements making them draw weapons.

Summoning the captain before me "captain give this 2 gems to ur best warriors and keep one for yourself i will bring more soldiers as i go back
to hell with these beasts to see if master knows anything about them and so we can study them also remenber my order, do not kill Wisea people, we want
them as our allies for our next big move.

The Captain nods and carries out her orders placing one gem around himself and giving 2 to other demons " make sure we have over lapping Gems ,
if you approch anything make sure it is with in Gem range." The gate hums to Life as it pulls Elena back into Hell , her hounds coming out after her.
demons following her with the bodies.

elena27bilb Commanding demons to get up to 50 soldiers again by the gate as i approach master DrogYol "M`lord im back and i think i have faced the Nuzajit..."

DrogYol Looking at her as she returns Demons march past into the gate , the dark lord towers over the bodies " so this would be them then ? "
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PostSubject: Re: Mission 1 - [ Gate to Docums Cay ] 1pm Central European Time   Sat Jan 27, 2018 12:51 pm

Part 2 A:
With the creation of Jades Skull, Elena and her desice to test it on one of the Bodies brought back from the last mission.

JadeliaHellfire: "Madame General, Mind retrieving said stored corpse for us? Perhaps to see if we can bring back the dead
for our own use?"

elena27bilb" of course "flying to the towerr to retrieve one of the chained bodies of the Nuzajit bringing it back to Jade.

elena27bilb: sorry i had to chain the corpses cause i didnt know if they could regenerate or somthing and they hit hard

JadeliaHellfire would summon the singular skull that was made and would attempt to use it to mutate and reanimate the lifeless
elena27bilb watching carefully as Jade uses the skull on the Nuzajit ready to defend the demons if necesary

JadeliaHellfire placing the skull onto the corpse, the skull would writh and dig itself into the body, merging into it's beaten hide.
The body would begin to twitch and spaz in place as the parasitic skull began to reform the corpse for a more sufficient form, twisting
and ripping the creatures once natural body to form bone like weapons and tendrils for use
DrogYol watching the body come to being [ It can gain some demonic features bu the skull does not give weapons it controls the being
in this form it is a rotten Corpse
DrogYol Watching the Nuzajit twist in the chains making a odd sound to when it was alive , only a few of its 6 eyes seem active
" well it worked "
the body twitsts and pulls at the chains its flesh ripping of in places

elena27bilb gets close to the now undead beast and unchains it to see if it is working properly "will this undead still have the
abilitys of the original beast?"
JadeliaHellfire: -Upon reading the creatures mind, it would possess nearly all it's former combat capabilities- "Well, seems
the beast is nearly fully operational. Only part of it not functioning is it's ability to think on it's own."
DrogYol DrogYol Narrate " well thats good then , Elena you may cut it loose but stay ready just in case "
elena27bilb unchains the creature preparing myself for anything.

JadeliaHellfire would inhale as she opens up a small book and gets her quill ready- Now, lets try a simple command and see if it follows.
" -Jade would focus on the creature and attempt to command it to change it's form
the beast does so turning into a almost perfect copy of Jade, its eyes still dead as it moves its head to the side looking at her
mindless as if waitting on her everyword

JadeliaHellfirewould write something down in her book and stands from her seated position and admire the transformation the beast did-
"Interesting, it even copied clothing. Do you think it got every detail aside from the eyes?"

elena27bilb looking amazed at the things shapeshifting capabilities
elena27bilb: this creature cold be really difficult to spot if it reached hell by its own ways and transform into someone
elena27bilb: now we know why the Wisea use those gems i brought to force them into their own shape
DrogYol looking it over himself " Elena you did battle with them is this the level of transformation they achive?

elena27bilb well when they r alive even their eyes r same as the thing they copy
elena27bilb: the 2 that were transform into WIsea people looked just like them

JadeliaHellfire: "Hmm...well one issue is this thing can't think for itself, so it will move rather stiffly..."
DrogYol: " other thing is what happens if we use the other gem on it "
elena27bilb: oh and they cant copy the voices so its just their form that is copied

JadeliaHellfire: "Mute. Easy bypass...and adding another skull to it, that is an interesting idea. But it is a rather dangerous process seeing as it's already infected with the first skull. I believe adding anything else to the body would...well....either melt the body or crush it."
DrogYol: " i was talking about the Gem of Detection, "

JadeliaHellfire "Ah, They are still the beast the humans face, so yes...it would still counter the illusion.."

Jade moves and starts to try and study the effects of the gems
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PostSubject: Re: Mission 1 - [ Gate to Docums Cay ] 1pm Central European Time   Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:27 am


DrogYol stands by the ocean of lava before him Elena soon folling up , he raises his hands and the
lava parts , The Hellgate opening up roaring to Life to the command of the Demon lord. Elenas troop march in time
taking there place by the gate at attention , The winged beasts once again fly over head some landing on the gate.
Elenas Hell Hounds exsplode from the pits running up to her " Enter when ready "

elena27bilb  WhisperNarrate Walking to the gate with the hounds by my side, i enter the gate waiting to see whats
waiting in the other side being ready for anything and looking forward to completing the task Jade had asked me to

White light bursts over her once more as she steps foot into the overworld here demosn still standing gaurd ,
the day was very nice blue sky , the battle from before compeltely cleaned up as if it never happened. The Captian
aproches her and nods in restpect.

elena27bilb Nods back to the Captain "ok, Captain here we are, so inform me,
how is the gate doing, and what about attacks from Nuzajit or Wisea people?
DrogYol  nods " it has been a easy week for us commander nothign to really report. The forests have
been very quite and we have not made any contact"

elena27bilb  looking around the camp noticing the silence around, not even the leafs making noices "god job
Captain, so patrols are using the gems as i ordered, right?" walking around the camp with the Captain by my side
" yes commander we have been making sure all demons stay in range of a gem at all times. Demons are moving in teams "

elena27bilb "Keep it like that for now Captain, also we have a request from Misstres 9. We need to bring a Wisea people alive
to the Pit, it MUST be alive, so we will try to knock one out and bring it back to Hell, its better if we can find
one that is alone if we want to continue with our plan to enter the city as their saviours
The captian thicks for a momment , we have seen signs of Wisea troops about the woods a bit to the north
mostly at night , but this far out my guess there is a camp out there.

elena27bilb thinks for a moment..."Captain can you show me the place where u have seen this troops
u talk about? we need to know if we can catch one of the offguard and bring it without being noticed"
The captain moves his head a little " I can not we have not lef tthe site as per your orders commander. But over on that ridge
line is where we have seen lights and sounds of troops" He points to a small hill top not far from there location.

elena27bilb "ok Captain, dont worry ill bring a littel winged squad so they can fly over the hill and tell us whats there,
keep doing the same for now" try to use the telephatic bond with master to ask for a winged squad of 5 to use as explores.
The Hellgate roars to life as the scream of 5 winged beasts rings out they burst from the gate one after the other swooping
around some landing on the gate as the largest seems to land on a large rock by Elena , there demonsic eyes glowing as they
await her word.

The Beasts nod and take off , dust blows about as the demon beasts take to the sky. The climb high as move lmost unseen from
the ground if you where not watching them the dots move over the sky before a large Horn soon blows from the forest , the wing
beasts circle back aroudn soon coming to a landing my Elena and the oher demons . The sound of foot steps rings in the forest as
the large beast moves to Elena and gives a sadd sounding screech.

15 White armored Wisea storm from the forests green , The demosn taking up arms after Elena all drawing there swords as the winged
Beasts move there large bodies and screech at the approching forces.

elena27bilb  talking to the Captain "remenber we dont want to kill the Wisea just disarm them and make them give up on the attack"
also send a mental order to the winged to be ready and out of shight and if they see a Wisea alone to knock it out and take it to
the camp "Captain they need to think we r not wanting to kill them"

The winged demons take off into the sky . The captain looks and nods , the wisea come running out but soon come to a stop. 15 of
them now facing the commander and 50 armed demons there large demonic beasts roar over head as the Hell gate behind them spins the
ground black and ash, the red robed captain moves forword still not seeing all before him " Come men we will take ..." he looks around
as it dawns on him what he now faces , they seem almost frozzen before the Hellish beings.

The red-captain nods and waves his hand the Wite soilders putting there weapons down some moving in shock when ever a wingged beast
moves overhead. The red aptain moves forword a bit his voice distrusting " So have seen the Nuzajit? "

elena27bilbmaking a sign for the demons to lower their weapons too as i see the reaction of the Wisea Captain
"yes we have seen and kill 3 of them i killed 2 myself next to our camp"
The red captain moves a bit more reaching under his robe " Then where be the bodies ?" He says before drawing his gem and pointing
it at Elena. His face soon shocked as the gem does nothing.

elena27bilb "We took the bodies with us to our masters realm so we can study how to fight them more effiently but i can bring them
back here if u want to see them, oh and the gem wont work on us, in fact we r not Nuzajit even if u havent seen us before" smiles at
the Captain
The red captain moves these words and beasts like nothing he had seen before " What are you..." His man also moving about almost frozzen
in fear these beasts before me not Nuzajit but somthing new.

elena27bilb  "Lets say we are your hope of winning this long lasting war u r in against the Nuzajit, my Master is the hero that will come
from other world to destroy the Nuzajit and liberate the Wisea from that and every menace"
elena27bilb  "ane believe me when i say you my Master is much more powerfull than myself"
They move about the warriors behind there captain talking amounst them selfs out of shock " Javaldir " , "They know so much "
" Maybe this is a trick" " are we going to die "Nothing can detory the Nuzajit completly , they are unfindable with out the gems that WE
have" He shows her the gem around his neck " With out this your.....Master.... would be lost ." His eyes looking over her " how do you
know so much, how long have you been watching my people? "

elena27bilb  "u want a prove that im saying the thruth?" i turn to the demon Captain and whisper to him " call two of ur soldiers Captain
and make them bring the corpses of the Nuzajit remaining here as fast as posible" Turning again to the Wisea Captain "We reached this world
2 weeks ago and we started preparing to battle the Nuzajit, and yes our weapons can destroy the Nuzajit, out hounds can track them and we
can slay them" "my soldiers will bring u the proof u want that we can slay the Nuzajit"
The Hell Gate roars to life the demosn ender , the Wisea stepping back a little from the Hellish Gate. They demons soon return chains over
there sholders as they grag the corpses behind them. The Nuzajit bodies are soon dumpped on each side of Elena.The Red Captain stands on
awe as he looks at the chained up Nuzajit " you really did it....." He then looks confused looking at Elena " you did not open the heads ?

elena27bilb  Narrate looks at the Wisea Captain with interest "like i said we were attacked and didnt have time to think in what to do
with these things but if u want to crack them open, be my guest and show me whats in there"

The red captain looks at her puzzles as if she jsut gave him endless gold, Not saying no to the situation he gets close to the body and
using a dagger cuts its skull open. He then cuts into the brain. Placing his dagger back into its holster he reaches into the brain and
pulls out a gem like item , parts of the brain link to the thing in his hand as he pulls hard as they all snap off. Usings his red robe he
polishes the item and soon elena can see its another Gem of detection , not as green as the one he had around his neck or in her demons hands
, but no doubt it was the same thing

elena27bilb  watching the Captain take out the gem from the head of the Nuzajit beast i grab the gem and look at it "i see so the same gem
that can detect the Nuzajit from other creatures is inside their head, interesting" calling the demon Captain, i say to him, "crack that
things head open and take the gem inside it" turning back to the Wisea Captain, "thx for such information about these beast, i can see the
gem is another color so u must
do some kind of ritual to purify the gem, right?"
The red captain moves back in fear as the demonic captain punches the skull and pulls the gem out from it;s head. He looks back at Elena " i
will say nothing for at this point in time such infomation is keeping me and my men alive"

elena27bilb  " we are allies against the same enemy, we can kill ur enemies the Nuzajit and my Master can take care of even more dangers than myself"
The red captain nods "so you have said but i have nothing more to giv eyou we are now useless for infomation " His men looking fearful at the captains actions

elena27bilb  "and even in this situation i wont kill you, nor my soldiers will, we came here to help and thats our main objective here"
The Wisea captain looks at her " well we will see. what is to come of us now ?"
ne come forword " I beliee her look at all she knows she speeks of the Javaldir , is that not all we ever wanted? " THe men move most stuck with fear.
The red Captain grabbing his arm " stop it Child , they know nothing of Javadir, they have been spying on us nothing more. THey did not open the heads"        

elena27bilb  "i know u Captain dont believ a word i have said even if its the thruth, and i guess u would love to leave a guard so u can keep an eye on us right?"
Serebryanyi has joined the chat
DrogYol  " no i would not i fear for his safty , I want you to know we are the Wisea and we have battled with the hidden Fear and we can battle with you : His men
not standing their ground along side.    

elena27bilb  looking at his men "well Captain ur men dont look so sure about ur words, i know u have fought the Nuzajit for a long time, we offer a way to end them
once and for all, but for that we need you to believe in us" i rise my tone to ask every Wisea present in front of me "is there anyone of you who believes that we can
be of help and is willing to help?" looking at them to see their reaction.

elena27bilb  looking at the young Wisea "u can act as a witness for the power we offer to help all of the WIsea people against the menace of the Nuzajit, or u can stay
with ur people, u have to choose, and dont let anyone choose for you" looking again at the Captain " Captain my offer is absolutely sincere, i can give u my word that ur
people the Wisea r not going to be harm, let this young Wisea be the witness that will unite our efforts to end the Nuzajit"
DrogYol  The red Captain clearly not buying it but the others do" Sir they have proven to be a powerful force" The young one holding the captains wings " Sir, we
have nothing to lose If they are diciving us then what would it matter? Tey will come for us in the end after they take the Nuzajit " Nodding the Red captain looks at
Elena " well then strange being that talks for Javaldir , what is you r plan ? "

elena27bilb  smiling as i see the Wisea Captains reaction to his men asking him to believe "well Captain like i said we need you to believe in us, to believe that my Master
is the hero who will safe your people from every danger u may suffer, for that i need a witness to bring with me to his presence, just one of ur men, someone who truly believes
in our good will to help u out" i look directly to the young Wisea who had spoken before "all of you can go back to ur camp or come closer to ours so we can defend each other
from the Nuzajit."  "like i said before we r not here to harm you, once this witness sees the power of my Master u will talk with ur leaders about our common objective so we can all help each other"
The young one stands forword i will go" the men shift and move the red captain again " If he does not return, i will be coming for you " He orders his men back to the camp.
" You have a week " he says before turning around.

elena27bilb  smiling at Skogfalk "my name is Elena commander of this army, u will be under my personal protection what means noone in this camp can harm you in any way or they
will die by my hand, now come with me and lets met the Master, u will see his strenght which is much greater than my own and u will become the pilar of the relation between our
races, now come with me and dont be afraid, i will proctect you" walking with him towards the gate as i send a mental message to master in hell to get ready for our visitor

Noding the gate roars to life as he is soon dragged into Hell. THe lave wall stands tall as the demonic legions stand ready, The sky filled with the winged Beasts and at the
end of the parth , The Demon lord himself. Fire and dirt moving aroudn him making him almost glow , the Hell hounds trot in ater them both.

elena27bilb  "Welcome to our realm Skogfalk, this is the army of my Master and im in command of it, u r under my protection so walk with me without fear and meet ur saviour and
the saviour of ur people and believe in a greater power that rules over everyone" i walk towards Master pushing the stunned Wisea softly to go forth  

The large beast stands tall over them both the heat from him was powerful as he lowers his hands his deep eyes looking down at them the demon army moving off back to the tower
as the Lava falls in on itself " Welcome newcomer " His voice deep and strong like nothing ever before, Skogfalk shook in fear at the towering god like being
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JadeliaHellfire Inhales and nods- Guess I'll go see how our "guest" is doing...
 Inside the tower there has been a small room set up inside a human shaped being just lost looking out the window at the Blood red sky and lava sea  
Jade would enter the small room and rolls her lips, unsure how the man will react. She lightly knocks on the wall to get his attention. In her other hand she would have a book and pen
elena27bilb  Following Jade into the tower as she knocks on the wall staying a bit behind just ready for anything as always

The young Wisea turns to see them both the look on his face less confident now that he was in hell and had see the Demon lord himself  
Jade would give a nervous wave and a smile- Heyyy, Heard you didn't get the most...well...warmest entrance here yea?
here voice and eyes seem to chill him out a bit for she was less intimating then the Commander and Master and warriors he had meet before " no it ....was fine... when i agreed to do this i never thought i would be... in a place like this. " looking out into the distance where the masters throne sat as a black shadow in the mist " and then there was what ever that thing was, i cant get his eyes from my head "

Jade would inhale and tilt her head to the side as a small sign of "heeeere we gooo..."- That is....our lord. Our hero, our warrior, our...well..all. This is his domain in all it's...fiery...bloody....goodness. looks at her " You both call him a hero " pointing to Elena " she even claims his the Javaldir... " he looks back into the red mist from the window " He does not seem real, how could all this be from one....thing ? "

Jade "How can anything come from one thing? How does tree's come from small seeds? or fruits from seeds as well? Our lord was the seed, and this....this is his Tree. His realm is our home. He gives us everything we need to live and survive. He feeds us, like your realms tree's and animals. He protects us, like your great walls and weapons. He cares for us like your gods care for you." -she would smile more and eases herself into a nearby chair, resting her book silently in her lap smiling at her , her words soothing him " can he really be all that, could he really be the Javaldir... It does not seem possible. " Looking at Elena her words from the day before still in his mind  

JadeliaHellfire: -Jade giggles and motions to the outside- "It is entirely possible. His realm is proof and his creations are even more so as proof. And win his favor and he will Guard, Guide, and may even reward you with whatever it is you ask or wish for."
elena27bilb resting next to the door with my back on the wall as i let Jade do the talking

He walks up to Jade " ok then show me more" She looks up at him and stands up smiling- Do you wish to see the other creatures our lord has brought to life? or what power he can give? still a little worried but her eyes and voice seemed so welcoming , he nods following her  
she smiled and took his hand with her free hand and led him from the room and to the outside of the tower- Mind the heat, but this place can be quite lovely.
the young male still lost in jade as she moves her breast and body do find there way into his mind, the fear of this unknown realm however holds a far grander weight  

elena27bilb moves as i say smiling "dont worry i will just follow you, u r under my protection here, so if any of the creatues here try to hurt you it will have to answer before me" as they reach outside, Jade holds her arm out to the open realm and smiles back at the young male- Welcome to the realm of our lord! Here he protects his most loyal followers, turning the most faithful into his version of...well..angels. So to speak. -she would shrug her shoulders at the angel comment, then smiles again. Showing somewhat of a childish and innocent glint in her unusually orange eyes

elena27bilb  flies to the tower next to the masters throne to keep an eye out for both Jade and Skogfalk
 With elena around them as unlike anything he had seen before she seemed o be the only thing from his own world , This other demon however was so warm and welcoming he felt more and more at ease , however the shadow of the throne in the distance made him worry the deep eyes still in his mind  
Jade would look back at him as he was looking at the throne, her smile fading into a frown- "He's not what you expected is he?"
 looking at her and seeing her frown" i did not know what i would see here. Elena and her warriors are so large ..But he was something else, I cant get his eyes from my head the shadow he made the beasts moving from him ... i dont know what to think. he is unlike anything that i could have imagined  

Jade would sigh and face the direction of the throne herself- "Sometimes our hero is not always as we picture. Heroes come in many forms and sizes and well...That be ours.She'd motion to the throne and the figures by it- "He may not be as handsome as....prince? I'm unsure of your realm really. He doesn't tell me much of it. I hear it has green fields and tall tree's that reach for the skies." -As she spoke, it would be obvious her imagination was running wild. Her arms would move in motion, signalling what she was talking about-
 He smiles " it is lovely , the city is the best the large walls make us so safe, the sky is so blue and yes the forests are amazing..." his tone drops the beasts hunt us however, you cant trust nothing outside the wall, Even the one beside you could be a monster waiting to take you  

Jade looks over at him, but not directly at him- So I've heard of them. Monsters in sheep skin. You do have ways to fight them yes? Ways to find the beast within their disguises? Looking at jade " yes we have items to force them from hiding if you set it up right you can trap them , they take soo many , so many children and so many lives  

JadeliaHellfire: -She looks back at the young boy with concern- "children? Ugh, sickens me that these beasts prey on children. But...-her expression would soften to a smile and confidence- "That is what we are here for. To Bolster your numbers and combat these...uhh...what do you call them again?"
the look on his face as if the name made him sick " The Nuzajit, 6 eyed monsters they take anything that they can get hold of , always trying to enter the city" he look of now the tone of his oice saddens " we just want to live "

Jade "Then since they are beasts you cannot reason with....hunt and eradicate them. They are no more then a scourge in your world and would mostly likely plague other worlds if allowed." -She would grab his hand gently and looks at him with a sense of determination-
He gets red as he feels her hand her warmth making him feel so safe and relaxed " yes, but there is no way to stop them for good ... oh how i wish there was"  "Well there is. Push them back using what you know. Use the Gems to expose them, then slay them where they stand. If it can bleed, it can die." -Her words were filled with confidence, almost as if she herself believed it could be done-
DrogYol  he smiles " i wish i had the same view. But the forest hides them even the gems are not effective we can only stop them getting us... but we still can not hunt them "

Jade"Use the gems. expose them. Everything has a weakness and that's one of theirs. I have faith you and your people can best these beasts. You are smart and crafty, and can outwit these monsters of the forest." -She continued to try and ecnourage him that it could be done, if enough effort was made-
 looking her in the eyes " you cant get them in the forest, They an hide even with out taking a form and if they get the gems..." he stops " if they take the gems from you then everything around you could be them. and nowhere is safe "
Jade"But it hurts them...or...does the forest make them immune to it?" -her face would be confused as she opened her book and started sifting through her pages on the matter

When they are in the true form the gems dont effect them when they are hunting you. they can take the gem from your hand and then everything becomes a threat. You never know how many there are , every bird , ant could be one "
Jade "Then perhaps a new method of detection would be in order? Something else that can....expose them? A decoy of sorts would be useful to fool the beast into thinking it was the actual gem yes?"
He looks to jade lost in her eyes " i dont think we can, you dont understand how they control the forest, we dot even know how to find them, they find us"
she would lower her gaze, thinking of how they could find these beasts and runs into dead ends- "I know little to nearly nothing of your world. If I knew more, I could help more. But...I'm..well....limited."

He looks at her well i am here , what do you need to know. you told me about this...realm. Only fair i tell you of mine " he smiles at her

Jade "Well...Everything. Maybe something will come to light that maybe you and your people missed."
nods to her " Well the beasts in the forest have always hunted my people, for what ever reason they want to be inside the city and they kill any they can get. The gems where found by a Hero called Safdig. He killed the first Nuzajit ever with his own hand punching thew its skull and pulling out the gem. He lead the freeing the best day in our history. He marched though the town and killed every Nuzajit in side it . He wore the first Blood Cape and now the Heroes that follow him do as well, Each blood cape with a Gem and they give there life to hunting the beasts and defending the city. Before he died he had a vistion that a Hero would come from the sky and destroy them all once and for all the Hero would save us all , The Javaldir." He smiles at the idea. so many people have messed with the story some say the Javaldir is Safdig reborn, some say its a ghost and all sorts of things  

Jade would tap her lips lightly thinking- "Ever considered the possibility that there is something in your city they are after? Something sacred to them?"
 " I should not know " he walks about talking to her " the city is made up of levels and pat D3 is for very high ranks and the like , But there has never been talk of something in the city , they just like to toy with us before ... they have there feed"
Jade"Maybe there is something in the city attracting them...Only way to find out is by getting the civilians in their houses and out of harms way while one is let in. Have the guards watch it closely and see where it goes. Perhaps have some of our warriors with you as well to insure the best safety measure?"
 " they would never do such a thing they are so hard to fine once they hide "

Jade "But the city is surrounded by the gems right? and these Blood cloaks carry the gems as well? How would they hide?"
" The Nuzajit have two tricks they can take the form of anything living. The gems force them out of there shapeshifing state and bring mass pain to them. But they also go invisible. Plus they are basicly heat resistant and can Heal. The gems keep us safe becasue they are always in the form of somthing when they try to enter the city. The gates are made so that they cant fit inside unless they take the form of one of our people. We also have " the bottomless pit " just long enough that we can glide over but they can not jump " He shows her his wing like flaps under his arm linking to his body. " they need to take a form to Reach us. " thats how we stay safe but in the town it could do so much damage
Jade would hum in thought, thinking of what can be done- "if they are resistant to heat....then what about extreme cold?"
" i would not know , all i know is that they once tried to burn the forest down and that it failled , the story tells of the Nuzajit just walking past the fire like it was not there"

Jade "Then attempt a frost type spell. Freeze them and see how they react!" -she would get excited, thinking she found a solution-
" spell? " he looks at her confused "Yea...spell. You....don't have magic in your world?" -she too would look confused.-
" what is magic? " he asks as if he once again was in another world
"Magic is using your mind, your soul, and your own willpower to create an energy in the physical world." -she would wave her hand as greenish energy follows behind it- " It's how I defend myself since swords and shields aren't my thing..."

The young male was mind blown his world never the same again , he looked at her not knowing what to think" .... I..I"
Jade"It can be fun actually. " -She waves her hand again and her book would float in the air, flipping it's pages by itself-
he did not know what to thick , his eyes roll into his head and he passes out onto the ground  
Jade simply watches as he collapses- "well.....shit...."
jade waves over too some demon warriors to have him taken back to his room
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Jadecasually walks off for the tower, hovering over the lava pools on my way.
Makes my way to his little room and knocks on his door "How are you in there handsome?"
Skogfalk turns to the door while sitting on g the demonic bed given to him " Oh hello...
I dont know what happened to me " holds his head a little.Jade would walk in and sigh- You fainted..simply...

He looks up at her. " oh i did? for how long " his hands move over her head
Jade " About 3 days..."-she would watch him from where she stood at in the doorway.
OH that long!?" he says hand still moving over his head. I dont even rmmber what we were talking about.
She'd look at him as if he suffered amnesia- Magic?. He looks up Oh yes that thing .. you did with your hand.
I cant believe you all can do that. You must be unstoppable"
Jade would laugh a bit at that thought- Not really. Magic takes time to prepare for it to be useful in a
combat situation. Get close while one gets ready, they lose focus, end of caster.."

His face becomes worried and a little pale" ... and what of.... Him" looking out into the red mist of the Hell Realm
Jade shrugs and sits in the chair closes to the door and slouches slightly- "He'll always
be here..he rules the realm." he looks at her " i know but .. can he do the hand stuff as well! " his face needing to
know the answer "Pft...he can do way more then just hand stuff. He can make life, destroy life, crack mountains with a single punch..
.although I never saw him do it before..."
He sits back on the bed lost in space his mind a daze. " I can see why Elena pointed him out... She siad he can fix all our problems,
back home

Jade "Well he can...if he knew he wasn't to be attacked by everyone...or everything. If he were to leave here, he would
be to weak there to actually make a difference. That's why we need your people to believe that he is the hero of your legends, maybe
not as many imagined, but heroes can come in many forms." He thinks about it some " He might be more then Safdig...more then the Javaldir.
.." looking out into the mist and smoke before facing her " If he is so powerful, Why does he not just show up, i cant see somthing....like
him needing my people for anything. Why us? "

Jade "Like any powerful being, there's a drawback. He needs belief. Faith of your people that he can deliver them from the
claws of the beasts. For one to save, he must first be allowed in. Transitioning realms takes a toll on the body and power, and for him
to go to your world? He would be severely weakened unless your peoples faith was their to bring him back up to strength."
elena27bilb elena27bilb WhisperNarrate flying over to the tower and staying next on the door, next to Jade "thats why we, Jade, the soldiers
and myself enter first, we r his heralds and we try to make those who need saving to believe that he can save them"

He looks at her...then Elena as he stands by the door " Lies .... This is a trick you are trying to pull the wool over our eyes get into
the city." He looks out into the red mist to the throne in the distance " Lies " He picks up his sword and quickly moves
past Elena and rushes down the stairs of the tower
Jade would roll her eyes and would cast a restraining spell to stop him before he reaches the stairs-
The spell does not cast fast enough before he is wuickly out of her sight , bursting out the tower doors towords the throne.
elena27bilb sends a mental message to Jade "he isnt thinking in attacking Master is he?"
Jadelands on my face with a thud, giving a grunt of pain "come back here dipshit!"
elena27bilb trying to pin him down without harming him
He sorms past them both darting out of the way of Jade , his sword shinning as he hopes closer now seeing the shadow of
the massive demon lord upon his throne.
Jade stands and conjures a teleportation spell, hoping to appear in front of him but appears a few feet behind him- fuck, never works...
His body comes to a sudden stop as elena brings him down to the ground " Let me go , He cant be all you say ,
nothing is like you say , this is all one MASSIVE lie"
Jade dusts off her legs and sighs- "Only a fool would believe it's a lie..."

elena27bilb pinning him down forcing wiht him "look i have just saved ur life, noone charges against master without consecuences,
HE is in another level, He can save all of ur people, i promised i would keep u safe, but if u decide to charge llike that against
my master i cant promise i would be able to keep you safe..."
He looks up tears in his eyes " no you both lie to me... magic... powerful beasts that can do all these things but are weak , i dont
by any of it, and look you are both pinning me down." his eyes shift " maybe he lied to you too.... my sword will cut him down and we
will then see how Mighty he really is" His eyes locked onto the large shadow that moves by the throne.

Jade would step in front of him and kneel, looking the boy in the eyes- "That's the laws of power. You can't be super strong and have
no drawback. Even with your....overly shiny blade, it is only as useful as the wielder. If you haven't the strength to swing it, then
the sword is nothing. His power is like a sword, and the wielder is the realm. He can walk in your world, but the realm loses the strength
to wield the sword, the figure you see up there." -she points up at drog on his throne- "But to give the wielder the power to use the sword
effectively, it requires some support."

He calms down enough elena lets him stand and goes return to her war room planning the next trip to His world, She nods to Jade intrusting
the guest to her." Fine.... lets say you are right . All you say is true. How do we get him in my world , if it is so hard to do. Just
believeing in him? " he says scoffing at the idea , durt all over him as he puts his sword back and holds his arm from where Elena had
taken him down.

Jade"Belief is a powerful tool as well, Like your sword...Just believe he is your savior and it will give him strength to fight
for you." -she would smile weakly as she looks at him, hoping he understands nods to her " .. fine. I still dont know how i am to
do this. convince all the people he is some...mighty Javaldir" looking at the large show as it shifts away from the throne.
Jade "There willl be some of your people who will believe you. Have faith and it shall give results."
He looks to the mist and the fire of the realm , hearing her but lost in thought.she would step forward and lightly places her hand on
his chest armor- "Just believe..."

He nods turning back to the town before looking bak. " What would have happened if i did hit him? How powerful could he really be ? "
Jade "Well......" -she would scratch her head and chuckle lightly- "A single blow from him here would have probably...well...splattered
you across the ground.."face turning a little pale as he turns back to the tower " well then i better get to work and work out what i
have to say." he looks about " I have been here almost a week and its all still so Alien it is all still feels like my first day."
Jade "Yeeeaaaaaaaa........." -she nudges him as she herself walks for the tower- "Ya ain't alone there.."

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DrogYol Narrate stands up the Hell gate rises from the pit as the lava parts and rips apart Skogfalk stands
in shock as the demons lead him to the parth The troops coming past him standing at attention awaitting the

elena stands next to Skogfalk "sorry that we return so late, hope u r ready to help us out, probably
ur captain will be a little pissed after this long time, but as i promised u return safe and sound"
"come, walk by me and lets safe ur world " she walks towards with Skogfalk by the side and the demons behind us.

A white light washes over elena and her troops soon they return to the land, the demon troops standing there come
to attention as the Hell gate hums back to life and there commander walks in. The sky is gray as it rains down onto
them there are only 20 out of the 50 demons however at the gate.

Elena looks around looking for the demon captain she left in charge as they walk out of the gate
a different demon comes up to Elena " Commander sorry you have come in on the rain "

elena27bilb looks at the demon who has come towards me "report soldier what has happened
here? is the gate damaged?" i look around for signs of battle

elena " so u r in charge here until he is back right soldier? ok keep the guards with the gems and guard the
gate i will bring back reinforcements from hell and will go to see oout captain and the Wisea people with
Skogfalk here send a mental order to bring in the troops

elenaturns to Skogfalk "we will go inmediatly to see ur people really hope u r ready"
points at a demon who is not doing guards "you go through the gate and send in the troops readied there"
"yes commander what do you need ? " the demon awaits to re enter as the scouting party gets set to go

elena"ok soldier, now go to hell and call the troops readied there to come through the gate" turns to
Skogfalk and the escort "lets get moving".the city soon coming into view the Kingdoms large wall standing tall the
path clear soon, Demon troops standing at the gates enterence as Elena and the scouts approch " Nice to see you well
commander " the demon walks up.
Now in the city teh small houses sit as the Wisea citazens fly over head the Large tower in the mid of the City
clearly important , the demon captain comes forth " commander nice to see your return" he nods some Wisea in all
red robes with gold chains aroudn them following him " Commander meet the watchers of this town , They look after
the City there is a group of 6 that Rules over the city , like 6 kings "

elena nods my head saluting the 6 red robed Wisea and the demon captain "sorry to be out for so long, but as i promised
Skogfalk is back safe from meeting my lord, good job maintaning things here captain"
i really hope we can work an alliance to beat the Nuzajit and end this war " the red robed being puts his hand out
" Thank you commander of the Sky , we owe your men much they have saved us from several Nuzajit attacks , They tell
me that your leader is a hero of legand " the demon captain nods to elena with a grin very awhere of her plan and
wishes . the red robed being looks to the young Wisea " tell me boy are the storyies true? " Skogfalk sighs then bows
" there world is nothing like ours , they are able to do things we could never dream. There leader sits on a Black
throne and is able to make the rivers part and fire even fear him. He is a large as a house. I dont know how powerful
he is or what he can do. BUt if the hero of the stories is real, then He might be it "

elena shakes the hand of the robed Wisea "im glad my soldiers have been of use against the Nuzajit"
i glance at the Captainand his grin smiling myself "hope we can all work together cause we need ur help so the hero
The red robes loook to each other " it is the least we can do for all they have down , we would love to see the
Nuzajit gone forever, The city is not fully on bored with letting you here but we have faith that you will save
us all" Looking at her ewaitting to here what needs to be done.can come to end this war once and for all"

smiling at their willingness to help i prepare for the words that have to come out "well Skogfalk knows what
needs to be done, the only thing we need u to do is to believe, believe that he is the one who can end this war,
believe that he is the one who will end the Nuzajit...u only have to believe in him and believe in his strenght
and i can tell you his strenght is as great as it seems to be"They nod to elena and call out to their people calling
them to come and give hope that the Hero will rise, Elenas body soon glows blue as the Lifeessance is absorbed ,
Demons looking at her awatting to raid temples and other places of worship.

Elena with my arms up to the sky as i glow while the Life essence is being absorbed i look at the Wisea liders and say
"i have one more favor to ask, there is a way to speed up the process and that my master and the hero u want comes
...i have with me a shine of my master, if we can get it to a temple and the Wisea pray for the hero to come there
he will come even faster" smiling to the Wisea people "i give u my word people of Docums Cay, he will come soon and
the war will end..."

Amazed the the glow of her the people submit takeing the Shrine of DrogYol to there largest temple. The eyes on it
light up the demons stand at attention A massive burst of energy as all they all praze the demonic beings Elena glows
the power almost too much for her [ 3460 LE gained ] the full cittys life is shown into her the Shrine of DrogYol
glowing as well awaiting for Elena to open the Gate for her master.

focusing on the shrine i send the collected energy to the shrine sending all that life essence directly into hell
as i speak "Come forth master this world needs you to end their suffering once and for all, i ur humble commander
ask u to come and end this war against the Wisea and the Nuzajit Come and show ur true power"

The glow leave Elena as the sky darkens turnign red soon Hells very sky can be seen above the kingdom as the demon
lord hovers down from the gate the heat from hell drying the rain as his true form is unleaded his eyes deep and red
as he stands a titen over there walls , the Wisea people knelling some in horror others in praze , the hell gate
roars to life in responce to its master now on this earth the Shine with more Fuel then it needed , his hooves soon
touch the ground as he looks down " your war ends " his large hand raises as the forest to the north Combusts white
flame scorching the earth the Howls and roars of the Nuzajit inside fill the air. THe shine corrupts the ground below
it the kingdom soon gripped in the over cast Black roots shoot from the grownd wrappign around the Wisea people .
they scream as there eyes burn to black there Bodies drainned of Life essance , the demon lord turnign to the
mountians in the South " one of the red robes stands watchign the city get eatten by the darkness " You can not
take this world we will fight you to the end " Saying nothing the mountians exsplode , the fire Fire burns over the
forest and planet fire rainns from the heavens as the Wisea people kneel covered in the roots of coruption unable to
move there world becoming a full sorce for Hell , the Shine turns to a large becon pumping the LE into hell " the
demon lord turns to the red robe " your world...is ..mine" on finger touches the being as he burns into ass his soul
absorbed into Hell as the corruption spreads.

elena kneeling at the coming of Lord DrogYol smiling as the Wisea liders understand what has happened
"yes M´lord, we will seek the beings in this world and will not let the shrine fall" i will call a full force just
to deal with the deffence of the beacon The demon lord turns to black fading back into Hell as the Shine glows a
Hell gate forming in Sky [ 10, 000 LE gained ]

elena calling the troops near the forest gate to the city i turn to the demon Captain "raid the place, search for
useful item for hell, this is just our first conquest but we need to grasp it with an iron fist, we will need to
prepare defenses for the beacon, i will send a full force of demon soldiers, winged beasts and some demon knights
also, dont let ur guard down" returning to hell i quickly prepare the troops to be send through the gate consisting
in 1000 demon soldiers more, 1000 winged beast and 30 demon knights as srgts of the demon soldiers. I send a message
to the captain with one of the demon knights "I will come back soon, search for the beings left in this world and
we will hunt them down"
DrogYol: " commander there are still beings on this world If the Shine falls we will lose our power sorce "
elena27bilb WhisperNarrate kneeling at the coming of Lord DrogYol smiling as the Wisea liders understand what has happened "yes M´lord, we will seek the beings in this world and will not let the shrine fall" i will call a full force just to deal with the deffence of the beacon
DrogYol The demon lord turns to black fading back into Hell as the Shine glows a Hell gate forming in Sky [ 10, 000 LE gained ]
elena calling the troops near the forest gate to the city i turn to the demon Captain "raid the place, search for
useful item for hell, this is just our first conquest but we need to grasp it with an iron fist, we will need to
prepare defenses for the beacon, i will send a full force of demon soldiers, winged beasts and some demon knights
also, dont let ur guard down" returning to hell i quickly prepare the troops to be send through the gate consisting
in 1000 demon soldiers more, 1000 winged beast and 30 demon knights as srgts of the demon soldiers. I send a
message to the captain with one of the demon knights "I will come back soon, search for the beings left in this
world and we will hunt them down"

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PostSubject: Re: Mission 1 - [ Gate to Docums Cay ] 1pm Central European Time   

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Mission 1 - [ Gate to Docums Cay ] 1pm Central European Time
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