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 Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]

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PostSubject: Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]    Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:30 am

DrogYol  stands and moves to the side of hell his hand rasing as the lava parts.
The demonic army soon matching into possition as the Hell gate rises from the dirt soon roaring to
Life " good luck girls "
Silver takes my position in the ranks ready to enter the abyss Razz

Khar walked to the front of her troops from the side, inspecting their position. Once ot the front,
she placed herself in the middle and looked into the gate before saluting to her master "Will do"

Saku quickly follows behind her captin ready and awaiting her orders "I'm ready when you are "
A white light soon goes over them all as they awaken in a forests the hell gate behind them humming,
the grass is green all around them exsept aroudn the gate where it all starts to die. There is a soft
wind coming from the East as the sky seems bright.

KharsynLeVane  She looks around and squints her eyes. "Saku take your troops and head east, leave a
trail so you can find your way back here if you get lost. Silver you go west and do the same as Saku
will do. I will go north and leave a trail if you need to find me. Whle you are out, collect data and
if you come across a person, dont let your guard down. " She explained to them before heading North
with her 400 troops. She took big steps, paving the way of her troops to run over the grass as they walked.

Silverfollows the captains orders heading west with her troops leaving behind a trail
to find our way back to the gate, searching for data to collect , running swiftly in the direction she was
headed with her troops following behind and shouts "goodluck!"

Saku taking her troops she licks her finger to feel the direction of the wind before pointing eastward for
her troups to march" March onward men! Leave only a trail to find our way back and be on the lookout for
anything of value! "

The Large force heads north behind the captain the hell hound running along side her the forest getting clear
as she soon can see a large ocean not too far away but the outline of a kingdom to the south. SIlver and her
troops find nothing untill they run into a dirt road carved into the forest. Saku quickly finds the end of the
forest coming onto a beach looking up the cliff she can see the outline of Khars forces in the distance.  

Kharsyn stood at the cliff and turned her body around to face her troops. She looked over the forest and
called out to her winged troops and directed them to get as close as they could without being seen. With
that direction she waved them off using two fingers to point to the direction of the kingdom."Make it as quick
as possible, we dont have all day to sit around."

Silverdemonickobra  as we enter the dirt road i direct my troops to follow the dirt road and discover fresh
tracks on the road headed into the forest. she leads her troops towardsthe fresh tracks to pick up the scent,
she smells a distinct scent somewhere nearby, she follows the scent from the tracks on the road with her troops
close behind manouvering through the path

Saku marches along the beach she sends 4 winged to scout the area above while sending 2 demonic to scavenger for
supplies around the beach. She directs the remaining troups into formation with each side of the box formation
looking outward in their given directions while moving in unison along the beach.

Khars winged beasts roar as they take off into the sky dust and dirt blasting about as the full flock enters high
into the sky, heading to the Kingdow trying not to be seen. They quickly fly over Silvers as Saku can see them
taking off into the sky as well and moving south, As silver looks the tracks turn out to be hard to read but the
sent was very much real almost like wet fur but not quite. comign from a darker part of the forest and away from the
track. Saku sends her beasts up into the air sand blasting as they take off the demonic troops soon calling her over
there seems to be a body in the sand. It was jsut a bit taller then them with 4 legs a Odd tongue hanggind from its
mouth as its human ish body was covered in thick strange hairs.

Khar directed her troops to make a path for her to walk through, once she was down the opening she called for her troops
to face front. She walked forward and flapped her wings cautiously, keeping her guard up and waiting for someone to try
to attack. They made it to the south side of the forest and started to make her way through, her troops making a trail
behind them of stepped on grass.  

Silver stops following the tracks on the road and orders her troops to search the perimeter to see what they can find in
the forest, she sends two of her winged troops to intel from a birs eye view to see of they can find anything of use, i
standby and waits to see what happens.

Saku calling out to her she calls her troops to a halt before having them follow her to this unknown body.
She cautions them to stop with their sheilds up but calls over three more demons to investigate whether the body
was dead or alive

A horn comes from the south all of the demons can hear it , Khar seeing her beasts soon scatter in the sky there shadows
moving around [ all of the demons can see Khars winged beasts scatter ]. There is soon a loud roar as silvers troops move
into the forest [ Khar can also hear the roar ] a hulking feathered creature soon tossing 2 demons as they land on there
feet armor taking most of the damage the beast with large claws towers over the demons by almost a foot as its green eyes
almost glowing as they shift over the demons. Sakus demons look over the body " it is dead my lady " one says as a strange
goo ddrips from the tounge that hangs as Her winged beasts land and return to Saku.

Silver sees the beast attack from the forest she calls in her troops to fight and take up arms, she sends 3 undead to guard and
standby ready to fight in case needing backup, she then orders 2 winged to come back and fight the beast, she charges toward the
beast with her sword drawn ready to fight.

Kharsyn pulled her trops back behind her and signaled them to draw their weapons. As they did she heard the horn and flew herself
into the sky, seeing the creature and also seeing her demons being attacked. She flew over to her winged troops and gathered some
of them and hoped the rest would find her. She went back to the ground and pulled her sword out of her belt (in this case its not
in her chest, its on her person) and nodded to her troops. She led them toward the kingdom, ready to fight and mostly prepared
herself to get hurt so her troops would remain more so. "LE here I come."  

Saku turns to her troops commanding two of her undead to carry the creature- We will take it with us. It may be of use at some point
. -she turns to her winged bretheren as they have returned to her- What news do you have for me my brothers?

Khar and her forces roar down the dirt parth there feet slamming the ground like a storm , her winged beasts soon all rejoinning her.
There also a loud thundering roar coming the kingdom as it starts to come into view of Khar and her troops. Silvers troops move into
combat attackign the beast it roars swinging and missing them as there swords find the mark and wounding it , the beast still alive
and roaring at silver. Sakus undead pick up the body and start to carry it with them, her winged beasts sending saku images to her mind
letting her know about Silver under attack and Khar is entering battle.

Khar stands in the view of the kingdom and stares at its white exterior, she loks to her troops "never, and I mean never, stop if you see
something ro someone in need of help unless its one of your own. WHich they shouldnt be over here anyway" She lets out a slight growl
before continuing their way to the kingdom, hearding that roar that came out. She placed her sword as a guard in front her waiting for
the kingdom to respond to her being there.

Silver watches as the beast attacked she raises her sword to hts neck and demands it to speak, "Who are you and what is your purpose here?"
, she commands her brethren to stay on guard and to draw their swords and keep watch.as she keeps guard to figure out if this beast is an enemy

Saku nods at her brethern and calls them back into formation "Listen up men we are heading west towards our fellow comrad silver. We will help aid
her in battle and warn her of what is happening to the south with KharsynLeVane -she leads them in the direction as they march onwards.

As Khar s forces come to a stop she finds she is standing at the end of the forest the kingdoms forces come roaring over the hills before her,
large white armored Quadruped beasts carrying spears,swords and shields that seem to glow blue in the light of the sun as they close fast onto her
forces [ 1000 troops attacking ] . The greed eyed beast does nothing but growl at Silver now losing losts of blood it starts to weaken as her troops
stand ground. Saku and her men move showing up in time to see Silver holding the Large beast in place with her sword.

Khar places her hound next to her and pats it before readying her troops in the formation, getting ready to go into battle. Kharsyn flew up and
sent her winged demons to them at a fast pace to attack from top while she sent her undead soldiers to hold them off, adding the hound to take the
LE from them, leaving her demonic troops behind and keeping them from getting hurt so they could collect the LE when the others got some of the
enemy troops down.

Silver look over my shoulder to see my comrade saku approaching toward me and i nod to acknowledge her arrival and i smile whilst i ensure the
beast remains surrounded by my men i Declare to the beast to surrender itself using my alluring powers keeping my undead troops guarding it to
collect its life essence if it surrenders.

Khar's forces meet with the new their new foe. The winged beasts striking down but missing the undead forces clash with them , undead go flying as
they meet with the large armored beasts [ 29 died, 7 got back up so only 22 undead died ]. Silver commands the beast but its life fades and soon
dieds her sword glowing as she takes it's soul [ Silver has 1 LE ] , Sakus meen come to a stop as the beast goes limp and dies.

Khar growls a bit in frustration and runs out into the middle of it. She starts angrily swinging her sword at enemy troops, her vision goes blurry
and she black out from anger. She signals the demonics to attack the injured, if there are any, and if there went she would send half to start
fighting with all they can while sending some undead to gather their dead brothers and back up till they feel they are ready to join in.

Silver proud of my efforts i clean the blood from my sword and i resheath my sword, and smile and thank saku for her coming to my aide, i then ask
my troops to collect the dead beasts flesh to use as resources etc, i call back my men and declare to search around the perimeter to look for
resources as i stretch my wings and limbs

Saku stops her before she lets them be sent off- I've come to to tell you that That the Captain is in need of our services. Will you join me in
this endevor?

Khars sword finds the mark of 11 of them. Her rage cutting her targets throats , limbs and all other parts that get in her way, Her undead warriors
charging in as they join in adding another 2 to the total [ Armored beasts lose13 , Khar gets 11 LE ] Her demon troops meeting with them as well
swords locked the beasts and demon just as strong as each other. Silvers men start chopping up the body as the others start to look around and find
nothing , saku talking with Silver      

Silver acknowledges what saku has claimed and orders her men to assist with the battle, as she follows sakus troops to the battle"

Saku smiles with glee as she leads the way to the Captain while sending six of her winged to scout the current situation once more-

Khar felt blood over her face and licked her lips, making her start going into a frenzy. She kept swinging her blade till she felt her bodys fire
expand more onto her body, covering most of her body. Her chin guard now becoming sturdier and sharper. She took one of the bodies and stared at
the army while taking a huge chuck out of the mans neck, eating his flesh and muscles in front of his friends. SHe growls as she did so, a smile
forming on her face since she finally ate but it didnt calm her frenzy.

Silver following close behind saku i take flight into the air bringing my winged with me to keep up with the pace as we head towards the battlefield to
assist in the fight ehilst the undead carry the beasts body in pieces that died earlier with them in their venture
SakuramaruKrauss: -Sad she looks to silver- I'm afraid I must flee to the gate to take care of imprtant matter. My men are yours to command. Be safe my
friend. -she jumps into the the air expanding her wings before taking flight to the gate.

The army comes to a stop the sight of Khar showing her " skills " backing up dropping swords in fear , such a thing they had never witnessed , Khars forces
stop and look to her awaitting here orders , the area around Khar clearing as many of the Beasts back up, most frozen in shock. Sakus forces merge with
Silvers as they head to Khar charging throught the forest soon coming to the end of the forest seeing the armys frozen with Khar standing clear in the mid
bodies and blood around her

Khar signals demonics to attack since it would be easy for them to kill, while she remained holding the body, staring at them so they didnt move. The blood
pretty much covered her body and the ground around her. She smiled, her eyes menatlly taking their souls from them just by staring, hoping to create more
fear. She licked the blood off the mans neck then signaled her hound to attack them as well.

Silver watches on as saku leaves toward the gate and nods bringing the armed forces with her towards the captains army, OK MEN WE SHOULD NOT BE
TOO FAR FROM THE BATTLE NOW! WITH HASTE!!! she continues forward as she draws her sword mid flight licking her lips from thedesire of blood her lust for blood
and vengeance growing stronger

The Armored beasts are cut down in seconds some trying to run but always looking back as the image of Khar burned into there minds. The demon warriors
finishing them as Khar glows blue the souls pooring into her as her body glows blue [ 1000 LE absorbed ]. Silvers forces charging down just in time to see
the demons finishing off the army blood and body parts lay across the ground. the kingdom jsut over the hills in the background  

Khar stood there and looks back at her demons "Well done boys" She salutes them half way "A few of you demonics need to guard this gate while im gone"
she says as she flies into the forest and back into the gate.

she arrives at the scene of the bloodbath from the battle that had occurred and smiles modestly "hmmph" she sighs and said this fight is not exactly over
yet, we must head back to the gate and defend the gates of hell in case of an oncoming attack she heads off towards the gate following pursuit of her comrades

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PostSubject: Re: Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]    Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:27 pm

After mouths with no report DrogYol attempted to make contact with the Hell gate, However there was nothing, for some strange reason the gate had been destroyed. Calling forth his commander and captain they devise a plan.

A new Gate will be opened up into that would Khar will seek out the 1st gate and find out whats happened.
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PostSubject: Re: Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]    Tue Jun 05, 2018 5:53 pm

Part 1 [ the Return to the 2nd gate ]

The hell gate roars to life dust blasts into the air before being pulled into the gate as it connects to the other side.
DrogYol holds his hand out as the energy busts form from his hand . The armyies of the two demons stand at the ready.

Elena looking as the gates opens before us, smiling as i remenber the first gate and how it felt, looking to the
gate with a massive grin in my face "get ready soldiers and lets go" i scream over the gates opening sound as i walked towards the gate.

Silverlooks into the newly opened gate with her Sword HellBringer Drawn at the ready to observe what lies
beyond the gate before her, with a smile she steps forward into the gate and enters behind the commander elena with her 40
troops following behind her and yells "off we go to battle!"
White light passes over them botha s they awake in a green land scape a lake is before them as trees sway behind the Hell gate as it
humms demosn passing though it. in the distance to the east just over the lake there is a shadow of a kingdom as well as somthing in
the distance to the south.
Silver" it looks like we are close to the old gate maybe... hmmm"
Elena "silver you came here in the first opening, do you know more or less in which direction was the other gate?" looking around us to
try and feel oour surrouondings

Silver " i believe it was west? i do remember last time we was near a forest i believe to the south? i know to the north the castle kingdom
thing we found was i think somewhere to the north last time"
elena "ok lets explore a bit and be careful "
Silver yawns stretching her shoulders as she looks around her, feeling confident she grips Hell-Bringer’s Handle tightly as
the adrenaline flows through her veins, and commands her troops to stay alert
elenacalling in my demon captain "captain send the winged demons in two squads one to the west and one
heading to the human kingdom in the distance, make them stay high and out of sight, look for the rest of the first gate

Silverdemonickobra she calls forth 5 of her Winged Legions and commands them to take flight and search the surrounding areas to the south
and the east "two of you head to the south and search the area the rest go search the east and report back to me and stay alert"
Both seach partys fly there shape hard to see from the demosn location as the Hell gate slowly corrupts the ground it stands upon.

elena "Captain set a camp site around this gate and prepare your soldiers for a probably incoming attack if they spot the winged demons"
i order as i look around and say "somehitng is strange about this place, no animals or living creatures have been spotted"

Silver as her winged legion searches the area, she then commands her undead and demon knights to keep on guard, she then also commands her
archers to surround the gate and be ready and prepared for a possible fight. She then keeps her sword in front of her and ready to join in
the battle.The troops all get into position, soem setting up the camp site as others get on look out , the Winged beasts still in flight.
The troops by the gate soon call out " there is movement here " a large shadow moves in the forest behind the gate.

Elena as i here the demon i unsheath Brakul and get ready for the incoming threat getting closer to the part of the forest and using a mental
order to send the hell hounds in search of the creature who moved behind the gate as i sshout "be ready soldiers, silver prepare ur troops
behind us, so noone can surprise us from behind" The Hell hounds take off leeping into the forest behind , they growl and drool , their glowing
bodies soon vanish into the forest then there is a Strange thudding as the shows grow closer a odd animal like sound a large Quadruped Horse
like that is Transparent with internal organs and half-digested foods are visible brusts from the forest. standing just as tall as elena this
beast moves as the hell hounds roar from the forrest after it , like Hellish sheep dogs they round the beast it soon turns almost ghost like
the Hell hounds pass right threw it as its 6 eyes focus all around it , it gives a strange roar that echos over them.

Silver draws her other sword NightBlade and commands for her Undead Archers to strike "Get that beast" she commands loudly as she prepares
her troops for attack.The Archers take aim and fire , arrows zip across the sky the beast going ghostly again 2 arrows passin threw it and hit
the ground, However one arrow finds its mark the Beasts soft body gets ripped apart with ease as the arrow finds its mark, the beast howls as
it falls to the ground with a thud, hoever 4 more exsplode out of the forest charging them down.

elena quickly reacting to the charge i run towards one of the bests and slide to the side in the last second throwing a slahs to its side
wiht Brakul to stop the charging beast as i command the soldiers to stop the beasts before they run down the camp "stop them quick, and be
carefull they seem to be able to make their bodys untouchable" Brakul roars to life the beast screams as the Demon blade destroys it , the
Life essances soon bursts free and absorbs into the sword with a white glow. Elenas troops roar past her jumping over ther beast she slain ,
but as they attack the beasts fade into ghostly shapes and shot past them , Silver and her troops following up silver also misses the mark as
the beasts ghostly form passes by her , As it comess back and turns around it soon roars and falls to the grown another demon arrow found its
mark. The 2 remaining beasts take form one charging down Elenas troops but they dive and roll out of its parth.

elena facing the beast i command my soldiers to surround it as i stand in front of it wiht Brakul ready for the attack, doing a quick
side step as i slash up trying to behead the beast.
Silveri proceed to lunge again for another attack and i command my tropps to keep fighting, I then Jump up in the air to dodge and prepare
to land a hit on the one of the remaining beasts as i fill with rage feeling confident i use Hell-Bringer and NightBlade and proceed to
attack.The Demon troops form a wall around the beast as Elena attacks it fades past her and her beasts , The Beast silver attacks fades again
avoiding her and her troops the arrows rain past it as well as it moves turnign around to attack.

elena i prepare myself for the next attack as i shout "get ready i wont a follow up attack right after mine from 2 different sides, i think
they can only keep untouchable for a small period of time" then jump forward at max speed going for the side of the body.
Silver following elena's pursuit, i quickly address the surroundings around me looking for clues on how to approach the beasts, i quickly run
forward to approach the beasts, taking out a Poison potion and i lace my Hellbringer with the solution hoping for a better outcome, i then
proceed to attack thrusting Hell-Bringer forward.

The commanders sword soon claims another life as the best screams and burns its life essance getting pulled into Brakul as it rips the body
apart by the Demonic blade, the Other beast fades past Silver once more , the poison on her weapon still there , It turns seeing the final of
its family hit the ground soul being ripped from it sbody. The beasts eyes turn white as it moves forword charging at Elena, Its body turning
ghostly but this time it seems to change a a Ghost like white Elena soon takes shape and comes at the commander , the Ghostly demon blade
slamming into elena sending her backa bit her armor taking the full force of the hit. the ghostly Elena looking around at the demons awaitting
there next move.

elena seeing the fury in the beasts eyes asi it seems to be untouchable again "what the...? they can maintane that form for longer periods of
time?ok...looks like it didnt like me killing his or her friends, Silver be ready ill try to make it hit me when it turns corporeal cut its
head off or kill it in any way we will try to bring the corpses to hell to study them, feint one attack on the beast to make it come forth
and attack mebeing ready for its hit

Silver As she becomes more and more angered with rage she calls onto her Succubus Powers in hopes of Luring the beast to its death, she
holsters NightBlade into its sheath and she holds Hell-Bringer Tightly with a clenched grip, her hands sweating as she feels her pulse
heighten with the thirst for blood, she pricks her finger allowing the blood to touch her blade she holds in her palm, as the effects of
poison potion still lingers on her sword, she then quickly darts forward aiming for the ghost like figure, hoping to hit the pinpoint near
its neck

The ghostly Elena attacks but it was fast ready for Eleans tricks to crosses blades with her , turning its head seeing Silver coming it fades
again lettign her pass threw , the ghostly elena toon comes at Silver missing her as it also trys to take on elena the ghostly Elena fades
back a bit getting distance its eyes a deep white as it looks around anger on its face as if it was almost challanging all the demons around
it , Some of Elenas troops move intimadated by this ghost like form of the commander and its stare. there is a Roar as the white elena turns
the Elenas winged beasts return swooping down one after the other the ghost like Commander moves fast flipping and fading in and out avoiding
all there attacks , be fore slamming back onto the ground head snapping up at the real elena.

elena "ok so she is as good as i would be, at least on physical strengh and reflexes, get ready Silver" i shout at the beast with the clear
intention to drop is attention from me so it thinks there is an attack coming from behind and quickly charging in with Brakul flaming in my
hands asi slash it from its shoulder down to the waist
Silverfollowing elenas suggestion i then lunge another attack on the beast running fast, gaining speed, becoming more quick and fast as i
lunge my sword towards its neck once more, before i circle around it and aim for it again
The two elenas clash just as fast as each other however silver does catch it , her Swords dig in , she was a little off and got it in the back.
it screams and falls tossing silver over its back before mounting her and stabing her in the chest , Silvers armor stopps most of the attack
still the tip does thrust in to her [ 4 damage ] It stands blood drips from its back as it has a hard time moving , the hate in its eyes as
it lashes out at Elena but missing in its weak stat. HTere is a roar over head as Silvers winged beast also return.

elena sending a mental order to the Heel hounds commanding them to attack just before i do with an upward slash of Brakul as they try
to restrain the thing, smiling as im enjoying the fight and the bloodbath "come on u monster, make this a worthy fight" i shout at the beast
trying to keep it focused on me.

The ghostly Elena spots the hell hounds and fades avoiding them before moving towords elena blinded by its hate for her. It moves side stepping
like she would avoiding the arrows with grace and skill still deadling to elena, Silvers blades soon land the beast screams at her feet and
falls dead before elena.
feeling victorious she raises her sword in victory and proceeds to cut off its head to take as a trophy to be studied in the Pantheon, she wipes
her sword of the blood and resheaths Hell- Bringer as she calls back her troops glad that peace had come once more, with a smile on her face
she grins and proceeds towards the others

Elena flicks her hand the troops all falling into line taking the bodys back to Hell. The wingged beasts pass on what they found to the south
a Kingdom to the east the Kingdom Elena destroyied and the old Hell gate . Elena nods ordering the return to Hell Some troops staying behind
this time to defend the gate.

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PostSubject: Re: Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]    Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:33 pm

Part 2 [ the Return to the 2nd gate ]

The Hell gate roars to life as the Commander steps before it , her army standing at the ready.Commander walks toward the gate
without hesitation, she knows that world can mean trouble and wants to short it out quickly see what can be done there and still need to know what happened to the other gate.Elena "ill be back as soon as possible M`lord"the white light washes over her and her
forces as she passes into the gate. Soon the land of Otreibia was before her. However she step foot into a battle field , the demon warriors she left behind making a pile of the dead. One steps foreword to the commander as her forces come though the gate " Commander
many greetings "

Elena taking a quick look into the situation around "ok, i see i arrived just in time, report me right now what is going on,
who attacked you, and what did my winged demons discover" the demons stands tall and gives her the report " We located the old gate
Commander its to the west of here a short walk. However we got attacked by more of the ghostly beasts. We lost 37 Demons before making
them flee. We found out that they are scared of Fire and so we have made that our defence " He points to a number of Fires lit around
the Hell gate forming a safty zone "

Elena nods "so i guess ur captain is one of the casualties? Good job soldier, i bring back up for the gate so dont worry try to expand the safe zone
so we can fit more demon warriors here. Do we know what broke the gate? I guess those ghostly beast didnt do it so maybe some other kind
of creature? The demon shakes his head " no Commander we do not know , we only just found it before being attacked , Yes our Captain
did our master proud there was a number of them that attacked us but i can say i seen him take 3 with him. "elena27bilb "impresive...ill make sure to
let Master DrogYol know about it" i look around and command my new troops in the land "Captain! Come forth, u will be put in charge of the
forces here but listen to the survivors and their advice on how to deal with those ghostly beasts, also use a little number of demons to take
the corpses to hell, we knos how to make good use of their skin" pointing at her new ans shiny demon armor.
The large demon steps forword " as you wish commander " the warriors nod to there new commander as they move into action taking the dead back
to Hell.

Elena looking around as the demons work in the camp "i will go see the othe gate and see if i can guess what happened there, i will need some
voluntaries to come with me, 10 demon warriors and 10 winged demons, also my three hellhounds will come those have shown to be more than useful
in a lot of fights"The forces move into location the demons defending the gate work to incress the safty zone. As Elenas small attack force
stands with her.The sun seems quite close to setting she did not know till now seeing how the fires where starting to glow and stand out a
bit more."looks like is quite late, good, we will use the cover of darkness to move near the gate and see what went wrong there last time,
move as quietly as posible towards the other gate lets try not to call on us to much attention" following my own orders i move silently
towards the direction of the other gate.Elena and her forces move to the old gates location , strange sounds and lights can be seen in the
forest to there left but nothign to really make out what is the sorce. The open area they walk in making there tracks ovbious all the demons
hooves crushing the grass behind them. The claws from the winged Beasts also leaving a clear trail. to the south the outline of a old ruin
can be seen on the distance highlighted by the bright red sky.

Elena giving a silent orther to the winged beasts to take lift and fly high to see if they can recognize what those lights are also ordering
them to be as silent as posible and not attack but just report, also orderind the demons to cover our tracks as we wait for the winged Beasts
to return,The grass and dirt around them blast away as the beasts take flight into the red sky heading towords the forest. The demons get low
onto one knee to keep some what hidden int he open area. However one of the hounds starts to growl soon joinned by the 2. There bodies start
to stand out as the land slowly gets darker however they seem to be focused on somthing.
elena trusting the hounds instinct i give them the mental order to attack as i reach to Brakul and slowly draw it from its sheath as i whisper
to the demons "be ready to fight, looks like some of those ghostly beasts are here" all of my reflexes ready to start a battle against those

The Hell Hounds take off in a bright blaze towords there target as the warriors all draw there weapons together. the Red sky making it still
easy to see but the Hounds stand out with there glow. The grass moves as 3 red lights move fast around a single point. However the grass bursts
into action as somthign starts to run from the Hounds , the 3 hell hounds working together driving the target to the waitting demon force.
However it becomes clear that what ever this was it was faster then the hounds but not by alot. Soon a stange furry Fish like beast bursts out
of the long grass before the demons , it has long Eye stalks as it hisses at the demosn and fires some Quills from its back. They zip with
quite a bit of speed bouncing off one of the warriors armor as the hounds soon burst from the grass behind it. Elena looking amazed as i see the
beast outrunning the hellhounds as i get ready for its attack, trying to also prepare my own attack in coordination with the hellhounds "what on
this earth r you?" i say to myself as i move lightning fast trying to dodge its quills and taking care of it as fast as posible wiht Brakul.

The beast is able to keep up with Elena for some bit however the commander was too fast for it. able to avoid its attacks. The Fish like beast
soon growls and grows quite large soon towering over Elena, however her attack was already in motion , Brakul lands upon it , the beasts skin
resisting the powerful demonic blade but only for a second before the blade comes alit with Flame and destroys the beast. The fish screams and
howls as its soul is ripped from its burning body as the sword absorbs it all Elenas body glows red for a second as her body takes the soul.

elena mentally ordering the hellhounds to keep warding the zone around the demon warriors i command the demons to hide as much as posible as
i follow my own order going forth the tress next to the open area, also ordering to keep our trail as invisible as posible "that scream surely
made someone aware of ourselfs, come on soldiers lets hide for a bit" The hounds race out around teh demons looking for more incoming , as
the winged beasts can be seen in the sky on there way back to Elenas forces , the old gate as well can now be seen in the distance not far
now. Elena makes a signal for my forces to stop as the winged beasts arrive ar our location to hear their report, still under the small
cover the tress can give us "lets hear what we have south from here..." the beasts send elena images in her mind of the Ghost like horses
moving around some looking at Elena as one of the images shows her slayign the fish beast as the ghosts watch.

elena with a mental order i send the winged beasts flying high to see the old gate as i try to be concius of the location of the ghostly
beasts around us "ok...so they r watching us...but still r not attacking...strange, lets move closer to the old gate, keep a low profile
still and keep cleaning our trail, dont seath ur weapons people this might get dangerous really soon" i whisper to the warriors with me
The winged beasts fly high soon passing over the gate Ruins the forest behind it glows for a second with ghostly shapes as the demon forces
get close , The sky getting quite dark But the area was light up due to the Hell hounds flame skin.

Elena getting even closer to the old gate i try to examine what happened to the gate as i command my demon warriors to be prepared
for the battle as i also command mentally the same to the hellhounds.The hell gate seems to have weapon marks on it, pointed weapons. Maybe a
spear or arrow. The gate was ripped down by the looks of things , there is a pile of what could be rope laying about , but its hard to tell
if its not just apart of the forest. the winged Beasts move over head and the ruin of a kingdom is seen a bit better from this point , it
was the place that Elena had destroyied the first time here. The ghost like beigns come in and out of view in the forest but they still only
seem to be watching. "ok, now we know there is somekind of developed creatures in this world that can make tools to destroy our gates, lets
move back to the camp and report this to Master DrogYol, also take the fish creature with us and be careful with the ghostly beasts" i
command whispering to my demons as i mentally order the hounds to cover our back coming and same order went to the winged beasts.
the Forces move back pickign up the fish beast on the way. the glowing lights now stand out in the forest as it gets very dark the hell Hounds
still lighting the area around them.

keep moving slowly back to the camp, still wondering why the ghostly beasts havent attacked us yet, maybe they r scared of the firery look
of the hellhounds? i say to myself as i back up with my demons slowly watching at the ghostly forms, the ghosts fade into the forest as the
Forces make it back to the Camp the Hell gate glowing as many fires burn aroudn the Area , each demon carrying a torch with them " The demons
take the fish body back to hell. as the Captain comes forword " Welcome back commander all has been well in your leave " elena "we have found out
that the hell gate was torned down with ropes and spears or swords so we know there is some kind of developed creatures around, also be
carefull captain i will send you some more troops to protect the camp, ths ghostly beasts have been watching us as we moved towards and back
from the old gate. The hell gate Roars to life as Elena and her forces return to the pit , soon the light fades and Elena is back in Hells warmth.
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Part 3

DrogYol stands before the grate Hellgate as Jib and Elena approch there Master, Elenas Hell hounds
racing to catch up with her before coming to rest next to her and at her feet. DrogYol turns to the gate his large
hand reaching out as the Gate soon booms and comes to life the vortex inside roaring to life before he turns to
his demons " The mission is simple study the old gate ruins and return here with anything that will be of value to Hell. "

Elena looks up to master "so we r not trying to take control of the old gate, just study it, right?" i say as i pet the
hell houndsJibril would listen to the words of his master, his sight locked onto him. " Very well, I shall do as you wish."
DrogYol nods to Elena that is correct take control of the old ruins and find out what you can about who took down our gate.
" The Hell gate hums and cracks " good luck." A white light passes over them both before they awake at the Otreibia gate.
Elenas forces standing gaurd , partrols moving around the area they have locked down the captain of her forces standing
and at attention. He nobs to them both " Welcome back commander " The forest to the north shines in the sun as the day
seems new the large area around the gate now cleared out by Elenas forces.

Elena "Commander i see u have taken control of the zone around the gate, any reports on ths ghostly beasts and their
strange behaviour of the last mission?.The captain responds " None Commander the Fires have done there job and all has
been at peace since you left" Elena nods " good, Ok Captain prepare to move some of our forces to the gate ruins so we
can make a path between camps and study it freely" Jibril stood next to his comrades, his voice not heard and remained
silent. He only awaited for battle to come, his actions speaking louder than the very words that escaped the mouths of
others. Only a weapon for his master to use for war.Elena " Jibril u will come with me to the old gate, maybe u see
something that i didnt, Captain prepare the guards for this camp and also try to think on a way to make a safe path
from here to the old gate, we will move as silently as posible while the winged beasts fly over us exploring the land
before us The forces head of to the Old gate ruins , the forests move as outlines of beings dart between the trees watching
as hells forces move to the gate ruins. The winged beasts take flight dust and dirt blowing about as they launch of the
ground staying above Elena , Jib and the rest of her forces that march behind them. Jib walked behind his commander,
the demon staying in the back with the rest of the demon army.

As the forces move over the open area the grass still quite high but the old parth where Elenas forces had been last time
makes the walk alot easyier. However a sound soon heard as the grass moves a little ahead of them. Elenas hell hounds start
to grow and move a head of her a little bit.elena advancing carefully as i trust the keen senses of the hell hounds i order
a semi circular deploy of our forces around from where the growl has come "be careful, here we were attacked by that fish
beast with spikes" i say to Jibril and the soldiers"also be careful with those shadows on the woods, those r the ghostly
beasts"He'd nod towards his commander as he pulled his dagger from it's sheath, where he'd twirl it along his fingers.
His gauntlets metal meeting the handle as he gripped it firmly. Jibrils pupils darting around in a constant order, his
senses on high alert and on guard.Large quills followed by a odd sound fire up at the winged beasts , the dart and move
out of its path. However one large quill comes roaring down slamming into one of the demon warriors with a bang followed by dust blasting up from the
impact , implaing it to the ground. soon one of the land Fish comes into view as it was changing its size growing larger
emerging from the tall grass its long long Eye stalks looking up at the winged beasts not seeing Hells forces. Its fur
blows in the wind as the quills twitch on its back as they grow getting ready to fire again.

Elena "be ready ill try to beat it fast in one blow but they could be more of those fish beasts, careful with its quills,
try to dodge them at any cost" as i say that i draw Brakul and as quick as my body allows me i charge to the beast
throwing a huge slash upwards.Brakuls roar to life gives them away the Fish beasts eye whips around spotting Hells
forces its size changes again getting smaller avoiding Elenas attack. The quills fireing at her but now too small to
threaten her armor. As they pin off The grass moves as the beast starts to move around to Hells forces. the warriors
all keeping a eye on the grass awaitting it. Before it leaps from the grass Growing larger once more however turning
it back to the Forces and focusing on elena now behind her.
It was time to act, his eyes already on the beast, however it made one wrong move it turned it’s back on the hellish forces
and him. Jibril would grip the handle of his dagger, his dark energy forming around the tip of the metal of the dagger,
the energy working as an extension to increase the length and reach. The demon leaning his upper torso back as his legs
stood still against the rough ground floor. His intentions being to put enough force into his throw and allow the dark
energy to pierce the head of giant worm. His aim directly in the middle, where the brain would most likely be located,
it was true the daggers blade was not as long as a swords, but, due to his dark energy working as an extension for it.
It would support his chances in making an attempt on this. Jibril, now moving his torso forward as his feet firmly
against the ground as the dirt beneath his feet began to be printed into the ground. Loosening his grip a bit as the
weapon flew from his hand, the extended dagger moving at high speeds towards the head of the worm.

The dagger glows with the power roaring to life the sound getting the Fish beasts attention , its eye turing around on
the stalk at jib it changes size the dagger passing over it now heading towords Elena however her Instinct kicks in
and she avoids the blade it slams into the ground behind her with a powerful crash. THe beast then grows again roaring
as it comes for Jib the Demonic Forces behind him jumping it Fending the beast off , there Swords clas however the Beasts
thick skin takes most of the blows as it lashes out at them.Elenamoving at lightning speed rushing over the grass
using my wings so the beast doesnt hear me stomping the ground, i attack the beast from the back as it rushed against the
demonic forces, Brakul roaring in hunger for new souls as it comes down to the beast.the beast roars in pain as Elenas blade
plants into its back , Not dead it starts to toss about with the commander on its back quills Firing into the air at
random. One of the winged beasts is hit and comes crashing down behind the forces. The demon warriors tryign to aid there
commander keeping the beast traped and in one place as it thrashes about , dust and dirt gets knockes about in the conflict.

It seems he caught it’s attention and it would blindly fall for them as the commander had her chance to strike, his mana
was gone, but through his tough nature, he was not badly injured. Just a small cut, if it was actually physical. With it
in distress and still distracted, Jibril would use the aid of the demon warriors and his commander to attack it’s blind
side, the demon picking up speed as he got closer, while getting closer, the quills would pierce nearby comrades, but
would take notice and dodge one that headed his way by lowering his body in a squat during this said movement. Jibril
would burst into the air, his light armor weight not keeping him down. In air time, he’d twirl his body to the right,
one of the three quills inches away as he avoided them. His body already in movement in right direction, while he was
still twirling and with one slash, he’d take aim at its neck and try to take it’s head clean off or damage it severely.

His sword landign but the Fish beasts neck is very strong his sword cutting the skin but it would take a bit more then
that, Elena still on its back as her blade stays digged into it. the Other demons joinnning jib at taking off its head ,
They all join him the beast bleeding as it starts to weaken from all the blood lose as Jib and the warriors hack at the
head some warriors hocling its head in place as the rest hack at it.The beast falls slamming into the ground blood all
over Jib and the warriors. The last of its life leaves it as it stops moving now.He would watch the beast fall, the very
life of it's core coming to an end. With that, Jibril would go retrieve his dagger and shortly make his way back to his
commanding officer as he sheathed he held Whisper in his left hand and Soultaker in his right.

Elena as the beast dies i finally pull out brakul from its back and seath it again "good job, we got it and we have found
out some new abbilities of this things, we didnt know they could change sizes, now lets redo our formation and go towards
the old gate silently, we probably have called someones attention already" sending a mental order to the winged beasts to
fly high and to the gate so they can send a mental pic of the place.the Ruins soon come into view as the wingbeasts fly
over it all seems at pease event the woods seem to have no watching eyes , The Old Hell gate soon tall before them as they
get to its base with ease.The young demon would walk around as his eyes laid upon the old base where the Old Hell Gate was
located at. Research was important for this mission and he would do just that. Finding whatever he can to bring back to hell
or any info to bring back to hell for his master. Jibril didn’t wander off to far however, his sights now on the vast landscape
of this plane.Jib found some arrow heads and some stange sword in the dirt , with odd marking along the blade the Old gate itself
showing signs of damage as it it was hit with blunt force.Jibril didn’t hesitate or waste time at all, he would head over to where
the located items were, where he would sheath his weapons back in place and lower his body down in a squat and begin to dig
around in the items. First the arrow heads that laid plainly on the ground. Picking them up and analyzing the detail of them,
his hand directing in different directions as he scanned them more. Jibril would shortly put them down beside him and then, go
for the old blade that rested under some dirt. He would reach for it and start to clean it and dust it off, the demon holding
the handle and the very blade as he his demonic pupils scanned the design and structure of it all. Once he was done investigating
the weapon, Jibril would focus his attention at the old gate, it suffering heavy damage from something unknown, but surely something
powerful. The youngling would gather all the items he had found and stood tall as his attention drifted from such a scene, it would
be unwise to head over there without reporting this, so he’d head over to Elena to tell her that the old gate has been damaged.

The white light soon covers them out of nowhere as they return to hell the gate closeing behind them as the demon lord soon kneels " ahh sorry i cant
keep it open any longer my demons "

[ Otreibia Rune Sword Found ]
[ Damaged Arrows Found ]
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DrogYol Stands tall as Yuu and Jib approch the Hell Gate, Jibs forces stand at the ready as does his war horse. The master
raises his hand and with a impressive clap of thunder the Hell gate roars to life. Dusts being blusted away before being pulled
in. The vortex humms as he looks down at his demons " Good luck little ones "

Jib The gates were now open, it was time to move out and investigate and gather any info he could, his master already giving
him words that he was allowed to move out and with a nod to what he said, Jibril would hop on the saddle of his war horse and
take off. The faction and little army following after.
As per usual Yuu was looking off for a moment when Jib started to take off. Her focus is called when she felt the
ground shaking and saw Jib moving in through the gate. Hurriedly she rushes through with her large blade across her back being
her only equipment at the moment of note. Having no mount shed slip in with the lesser forces right behind Jib.

White light flashes over them before they awake in Otreibia. Elenas forces still at the ready contoling the area , the
Captain seeing Jib again nods " Where is the commander?" There are fire pits set up all around the Hell gate and a parth
to the ruins had been madeJibril's eyes would scan the area and to see that the path was clear, but caution was still a
necessary factor and there was no need to lose any fellow demons. The young demon would motion his head over, his attention
the the demons that flew in the sky. “ Keep watch, while we move in. Tread carefully. “ He spoke as his war horse slowly
made its way over near the second gate, where the fire pits would be located. Coming to a stop to first make sure that the
fire pits around were not too deadly and keeping a safe distance while scanning the area more. With the demons of flight
keeping watch and the little army behind him checking all around, it being front, back, left, right, and so on.

Yuu seeing Jib disregard the captain simply shrugs as she certainly had no answers and moves with the little army and helps
to look around for things of note or intrest overturning stones with her boots even and feeling into small openings but keeping
her sword ever ready to strike if need be. Shed quickly become bored and look over some of the demons amidst the small army.
Jib could notice twitche she had on occasion but tries not to complain. While getting an idea of what kind of demons were with
her on this mission shed occasionally look at her reflection in her sword and touch up her hair.

Entering the open the forest to the north and a lake to the south , the long grass now cut down from elenas Forces locking down
the area. In to forest shapes move glowing blue, These large ghost like horses with 6 eyes look aout at them , Yuu looks at the
eyes the same blue eyes she had seen all too much as of late.Jibril would see the large six eyed horses before him. He hasn’t
seen something like this before, the question was, if they were friendly or not. The demon turning around to see Yuu looking
at these said horses. “ Know what these are? “ He would ask calmly, if she did not know of them, then capturing them could
benefit them greatly. It was just the matter of approaching them. All the while every demon stayed posted as he was sure the
scholars would go off to a safe zone, where they could properly study the ruins, with some demon comrades guarding them of
course."I believe these are "Novas" Thin-skinned shapeshifters. Hard as hell to hit because of how physically light they are.
Though... I could be wrong but I doubt it." -she was going by the texts she had red to occupy her time between forging and
taking odd jobs.- "I dont think they would make great mounts but spies perhaps? From what Ive experienced defending the tower
they enjoy causing distractions for more heavy duty demons. I attacked one and it turned into me which I cant blame it for
doing I mean who wouldnt if they could." -She shrugs throwing some ideas around but is innately predisposed against them.
After relaying what she knew to Jib' she scratches her head and sticks close to the lesser forces not taking her eyes off of
the 6 eyes creature

The Nova keep there distance watching from the tree line as the demon army moves to the Ruins. The Old gate soon coming into
view, however this time there was another group at the gate. a Large force from this distance it was hard to tell but the
wingged beasts screach and growl down to Jib informing him they where armed. Humanoid maybe on mounts ? hard to tell.
They were on the move once more, he didn’t want to bother with that right now. It would only waste more time getting them, so
perhaps another time he could and with a better plan to do so. Once on a good spot and location. They had a good view of the
old gate, however they were not alone, it seemed to be another group. The winged demons already alerting him that they were
armed to the teeth, but the question was, if they were friendly. Looking back at Yuu, she seemed to already be bored most
likely, so a little task would do her some good. “ Yuu. I need to get a closer look at what this group is doing here, you’re
also much more better at sneaking I assume. Do not worry though, I’ll have the archers at the ready to cover you, if things
get out of hand and fail. With that, Jibril would motion his head over to the demonic archers. The young demon telling them
to have their arrows ready and they did as such as they prepared to fire, but only on his signal of course. Once everything
was noted, he’d have the remaining forces to stay back until needed, however still keeping a lookout for any potential attacks
coming from the flank as the scholars continued their research and search of items at a safe location. With a nod shed advance
making sure the archer could keep up but more so following a route that kept them mostly out of sight by using the feedback
from the wingged ones to gage how far away they were. Yuu however didnt particularly sneak but kept her head low as she moved
and once she was certain the armed forces were in view shed discard her sword somewhere ease to find and acess but if she was
to approach shed like to do so unarmed to minimize her hostile presence. If possible the Unarmed Yuu would first get a look at
the group to see what they were doing and who they were herself before making any direct moves sticking struct to Jibs orders.

As Yuu approches the figures come into view, Centaur—humanoid from the waist up horse with stripes—partially or fully, various
color schemes amounst them, heavly Armored. However It also seems they have good eye sight as one calls out pointing at Yuu.
The Centaurs soon turning spotting the army on the distance ( Winged beasts gave it away ). The Centaur forces brake a Large
amount [100 ] moving towords Jib as 10 braking off sharge down Yuu at top speed they would be on her in seconds There was no
signal to give as the archers had already begun to shoot at the ones targeting Yuu. Their intention and goal to aid their
fellow higher up, while the entire little army ran over to Jib. To be expected as such strong beasts had overall could
physique and sight. Jibril would respond with his army coming down towards them, the young demon taking the lead as his
powerful war horse would pick up speed. Jibril would unseath both his weapons. One being a dagger on his left hand, while
a sword on his right, it being at natural length, however he could extend it by using dark energy like he did last time.
It increasing the blade reach and the dark energies overall power being able to cut better than the actual blade. Using his
large war horse as an object to knock the enemies down and force them to lose balance, while swiping his blade around at fast
speeds, his stored energy aiding him and with him having light armor, it made it more easier to swing at certain angles. He
made sure to attempt slashes and stabs at precise openings of the centaurs armors, if they had any. He’d also make sure to not
to hit his fellow comrades from behind as they dealt with the ones the horse had knocked down and trying to have less casualties
than it had to be as both the armies collided and fought.

YuuAmadora She puts her hands up when surrounded and drops to a kneel to get them to try and engage with some reason so she can
fall back on speech to see where that goes but if nothing else buy time for the archers to allign their shots from the shadows.
She spoke in her soft and gentle tone with a wide sunny smile once they were in earshot but remains prone and non hostile
"Howdy!~" -but not long into doing this an arrow flies by toward one of the centaurs coming her way pretty - "Well there goes
that plan." -shed use the cover of arrow fire to come within range of her blade, grabing it with her tail Libi and preforming
a dance of agility delivering radial wide slashes aimed for their equine legs with the intent to diable but not kill those that
survived the onslaught of arrow fire. Perhaps some more information could be milked if momentary prisoners were taken though
its wishful thinking as she had no means to stop the archers whom were ranked the same as her under Jib.

Arrows fly and shoot down all salvos missing there targets as they seems to dodge and move with impressive speed. Yuu lashes
out at them as well hower there speed and armor makes all her attacks pointless. Jib charges in killing teh ones he comes in
contact with his blades doing there work. Out nummbered 2 to 1 the demon forces fight back not dealing much damage but killing
all they attack. A large Centaur with a red Helm approches Yuu as the rest of his men stop her escape kicking her over to him,
he picks her up by the Head looking her over " I have not seen your kind before " he glances up seeing the Nova standing at the
tree line watching them. The army clashing with Jibs forces but it was over quite quick there hard skin and armor was too much
for the small demon force. soon Jib was surrounded " Drop your weapons " orders one of the Centaur troops [ 37 Centaur died ,
47 Demons died - 2 scholars 1 hell hound left ]

Truly outnumbered and all that was left was himself and Yuu. The strong horses closing in as his own war horse would start to
let out a powerful noise, it still ready to fight. It was true they were all dead, but it just meant he didn’t have much to
worry about, but just Yuu. Jibril would start to laugh as they demanded for him to surrender, he would smirk as his horse took
off quickly. The young demon moving into a squat now as his feet firmly laid against the rough saddle of his horse. He would
perform a graceful jump and with his armor not being to heavy he could balance himself nicely in the air as he was upside, his
horse charging on ahead, while he was in air time. Jibril having his arms crossed as his blades pointed the opposite ends of
each other as he spinned at high speeds as the extended and deadly dark energy met the necks of the centaurs, while he was in
the air still, once his eyes had caught his horse closing towards him, he’d quickly wrap his arms around it’s thick neck and
get back on. If succeeded, the powerful war horse would run over the dead bodies the centaurs he had just killed, the demon
already on the offensive once more as he attempted to cut down whoever came in his way and would prove easily most likely as
his dark energy could tear through steel as if it worked as a blow torch against metal. His eyes ready to try and avoid
incoming attacks, but his intention was not to keep fighting them, but to retrieve Yuu first, then think of a plan. This
did not go as expected and they were surely outnumbered, but running would be an insult and he would not accept it. If he
got through the small horde that he attempted to cut through. Then, Yuu would be in his sights from what he saw she would
be around more of them, but with the leader it would seem. His horse coming to a stop as he would look at the large centaur,
the leader. “ Put the girl down and fight me fairly, beast. “ Jibril ready to get off his horse, but, if he declined, then he
would surely ride off and take Yuu back, even, if he had to kill all of them. Not only that, but, if he bought some time, then
surely Yuu could think of something. It was true he could attempt to kill them all already, but it would risk Yuu’s safety and
he could not afford anymore death on his side.

Jibs grin as his young hubris fills his mind with success , he kicks his plan into action however his sword tings off the armor
of Centaur as his other blade drains of its power , the large beast then grabs jib byt the foot " haha i like you " the other
Centaur troop grabbing his horse and pulling it along brinning Jib to the Red Helm leader as he continues to look over Yuu .
Jib wish nothing else to lose comments anyway “ Put the girl down and fight me fairly, beast." The Red Helm leder still holding
Yuu " oh they talk too , fight you fairly ? " he laughs as he turns Jib seeing the weapon on his side matching the one back in
Hell. " Tie them up " The Centaur trrops wrap up Yuu and Jib placing them on the ground " Ok now i want you both to tell me
eveything , i have never seen anything like you before " The leader commands.

Her Slashes only yielded sparks as the blade is easily deflected by their armor. Having low poise and armor it was easy for the
hefty centaurs to box her out and get her to fall over.- "Oomph!~" -as she's kicked to the leader of that squad. Her hair is
gripped and it's like silk in the fingers though needed to be washed still. She answers him and all questions as calm as ever
upon being tied up- "Well I don't see much of your kind either... I gotta say you guys really have some quality gear and fast
moves too. Sorry about the arrows though. We were out nova hunting, their skins make really useful potions and materials and
you scared the ever loving shit out of us soo.. we acted accordingly. Tricky bastards though they take on the shape of whatever
attacks them. Least from what I've seen." -Still struggling as shed speak wanting them to let her have more mobility- "Now if
you'd be so kind and let me up to work out a deal... I figure if you wanted youd’ve killed me with the rest so there is some
diplomacy in there."

It seemed that they have been captured. Much more stronger demons were to be needed and they were still very young, however it
was not over yet. He was a strong demon indeed, but also a tough one that could take damage, if he did this right. He could lead
them to their deaths towards their other army, but it would be a gamble, if he did so and failed, it would risk the other gate
being captured. All of this flew in his head, but for now the best option was to break free. He did not do this yet though, he
would wait for the right moment and would listen to the words of the commander of these centaurs, but did not speak or answer
him just giving him a cheeky smile and let Yuu stall and do the talking.

The red helmed centaur looking a yuu as she comments not ammused by her responce " Tell me what are you, where did you come
from and why you are here " he moves back and forth his large hooves kicking up a bit of dust “Well you’d call us demons, we’re
a mostly docile people who enjoy lava fishing and walks on the obsidian beaches and occasionally coming topside to hunt other
game. It’s a luxury to eat something other than sulfur, coal and burnt maggot salad. We’re from a little place called the realm
of DrogYol. Some of us weren’t born there so we are quite diverse. Take Jib for example. -cocks head to her comrade tied up-
Before he came to lord Drog, he was a bear a literal bear, sleeping in caves and eating raw fish but look at him now. He’s the
best Nova-hunter we’ve got... Well that is when he ain’t eating al our food and sleepin. It also explains his temper so don’t
pay it much mind, hes got a lot of energy to blow off so it ain’t nothin personal... though if you plan to visit there are
stairs everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE hell ive even seen stairs inside of other stairs, very steep cliffs too. Ya ask me
I think it could use the touch of.. Uh whatever you’s are. Like I said before we’re Nova hunt’n. Know what a nova is?”

They all seem lost as the Yuu talks the Red helm leader looks to you " This one was a bear ? How did your kind turn him this
way. " The centaur listen to every word one troops seem lost and confused that these "demons " did what they did. THe leader
raises his hand and clams down his men " Yes we know the Nova , If you are out hunting them you should really enter the forest
its infested with the beasts" These ruins here are made by dark gods you sont want to get near them. " The centaur points to
the old gate " this thing roats the ground and kills all life around it. we just need to find and destroy who ever made it,
such dark forces are not ment for this world "

Yuu “Oh well as a bear jib was very wrathful, very violent and one day found anotha bear sniffing around his cave. Without think
ing he bit, slashed and tore at da other bear without any communication. Truth o da matta was that da other bear was just
lookin for food? Jib set up round a nice berry bush... For what it was worth twas cold blooded bear murder but see Jibby here
didn’t walk away undaunted. Infection sent him right to drog. After a couple of drinks and telling his story we got him all set
up with a new home and goodness me what an insurance plan. We can work together demons and you guys but if ya plan on doin it I
suggest you hurry. Our bookies have discovered a new breed called proto-nova turns out these bastards coppy the mind too and
shapeshift left and right. Ever notice how they just.... watch from the trees? No dumb creature does that less they gotta plan.
See us demons, we got nothin to worry about. Drog set us up with a mark. Its like an encrypted code but on the soul see but you
on da odda hand... Well You can’t be too sure. We know that at least 4 of our demons were protos thinkin they could steal our
identities. That’s why we got the flying units keepin an eye out so we can track them. Yes Little bobby, fell for the old
“Rabbit on the flats trick.” Ralphie punched the Bobby nova and the nova right then became Ralphie nova! We were huntin it
down when you attacked us however... We estimate that Ralphie nova was among the 45-47 or so you killed?.... Or did you. Noe
we demons aint good with numbers so its hard to tell how many of us are to a group since we gots a bad habit of fallin outta
line. Like I said we aint the most militaral so there’s no way of tellin who’s a proto nova til we are all together. We do know
that you attacked just about all of us and as I was being carried back I noticed the body pile was lookin a bit light so either.
... ours fled which that’d make sense or.... they shifted form to join your ranks and if they do copy intellect for your sake I
hope have a way of detecting them. You sure you aint one crimson helm? I don’t mean to accuse but uh.. A reckless attack like
that’s a great way to add to your ranks if you are a protonova. Again I aint meanin to accuse but just somethin to think about.
.. Save yourselves the trouble and join the ranks. The centaur panic soem troops talking amounst themselfs as the leader ties to
gain some sort of control" We did not know that they could so souch things " the fear sets in " waht can we do, can you Help us?
Please we will do anything . The nova have killed thousands of us please if you can save our people you need to help us be
free of these protonova"

Jibril would listen to Yuu go on, but most of the time when she did, he would fall asleep and so he did. The lazy demons
weakness setting in as his head hung down, his eyes shut as he snores, while a bubble begins to from out from his nose.
"What you must do is safely escort Jib and I back home. All this? The loss of the hunting parties,an oversight, we are
both in a crisis fighting a common enemy that looks just like both of us thus theres no telling what happened in the mix up.
Hell for all we know not a single crime was commited here. Drog is understanding and the best line of defense is unity. Get us
home safe and quick and ill put in a good word.. from there we can purge this common evil together." -Offering them a place in
hell for a ride back home using their speed.They agree and carry them Back to Hell , the white light passing over them as they
return to hell DrogYol looking confussed as they come back with 80 centaur.Waving over some demons " make sure our guests are
treated well " The demon lord then falls to his knees with a massive crash a burst of powerful booms from hims as the gate
hisses then booms , closing in a flash " Ahhh i must rest " the demon lord moves back to his throne to recharge from opening
the gate for so long

[ 80 centaur 1 Leader Added ]

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PostSubject: Re: Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]    Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:40 pm

After the attacks on Hell the Demon Lord DrogYol felt that more demons needed to be able to open and close the gates. Elena being the WarLord of Hell was naturally the first to try. The Master pats her for good luck then sits and enters his trance Sending more and more power into Elena.

Commander Elena sits in front of the Gate as she starts concentrating to link her Masters power to open it, concentrating more
and more, until a spark of pure power goes through her, she points both her hnds into the gate and the power flows from her into
the gate that roars as it starts to open slowly, master next to her making it easier for her to concentrate on the spark of power
to open the gate"This is harder than it looks..." she says as she channels her masters power.
Raven sighs continuing her walk towards gate 2 hopping to find a commander there, wanting to talk about all these recent attacks
and see how she can help

Her wings pop out and she takes off towards the gate at a faster speed spotting commander Elena and the master she lands herself
a little ways away from them bowing respectfully as she approaches “Master, and Commander Elena, I have been looking for you”
The Commander looks at Raven knowing her position because of her voice as she tries to keep up with the Gate opening, "Sorry Raven
i wasnt here for the recent attacks on hell i was trying to Master my own powers from meditation but now im here, so tell me...what
do you wanted to talk about?" keeping her hands up to the gate concentratin on the power her master is pouring into her

Raven nods in understanding “ in Lou of recent attacks I was wondering how I could help more, I also have some questions about
the attacks themselves if you know any information about them” We need to see whats wrong with the second gate in Otreibia, i kind
of sense something has happened there, about the attacks on Hell i have been reading our history and i have some theories i need
to discuss with the other Thanes and Master DrogYol about who is behind all this, but thx for ur help, maybe u can go through the
hell gate and see what wrong it Otreibia?

“I would be happy to” she bows. Raven then checks to make sure her scythe is attached to her back and with a small nod she walks
towards the gate door.Keeping the Gate open concentrating on the pure power that flows around myself, focusing on the gate as she
approaches it, "be careful Raven i have been in that world and there r pretty powerful beasts in it, see whats wrong, see what u
can do to fix it and the report back, i hope i can keep the gate open long enough.

“I will commander” she nods in understanding walking through the gate into the otreibia not looking back as she continues walking
into the world.As she goes through the Gate a gust of wind rushes her face, looking around the camp it seems to have had a pretty
rough time, lots of wounded demons sitting or lying on the floor, even the demon captain is wounded as he hears the Gate roar and
aproches to see who is coming to make his report on what happened in the camp.

She approaches the demon captain and takes a quick look around at all the wounded demons before she looks at the captain “report”
Welcome Miss Raven, sorry to receive you in such state (he has his arm broken), we were attacked recently and violently by the fish
things of this world, it was no casual attack, they looked for our camp, roamed the place until they found it and then a bunch of
then came and attack with all their might, we were lucky to keep everyone alive after the attack even if we have a lot of wounded
demons we still manage to safe the gate with no loses for now, there r some really injured demons around, we would need a back up
force here until we manage to be in fit form once again. Oh yes, they raided the camp from the south, there is a lake there next to
where we cut off that tall grass to make the safe perimeter around the gate.

She nods a bit “do we know why they attacked, it sounds as if this was a planned attack. Do we know if someone else is leading them?
Did they take anything from the camps?”It didnt seem like they were being leaded by someone, and they didnt take anything from the
camp, they just came, made as much damage as posible and after that they fled, looked like a vengeance of some sort to me, yes it
looked planned but not in an strategy of sentient being but more in some kind of instinct of revenge of some sort, it was really
savage attack, in fatc they didnt even head for the gate, they just attacked each and every last one of us, specialy those next to
the gear we used to cut the tall grass, they even destroyed those tools.She hums thinking “ what are the steps being taken to prevent
another attack” The captain remenbers something as he open his eyes widely "excuse me Miss Raven almost forgot to report that the Nova
havent change their actions, they keep away from the fires and they keep looking at us constantly, its really weird"

“Understood” she looks off wondering is she could spot one “are any actions being taken to prevent further attacks, you said your
weapons were destroyed and all your men injured”Well not really our weapons (looks around searching for some pieces) even if some are
broken from the fight, our grass cutting tools were destroyed and yes all of us have some kind of injure, small or big, like i said
some of our men r gravely injured, but not dead at least The Captain takes a piece of a little schite and passes it to Raven.

She takes the pice examining it “I’ll talk to the commander about sending more troops over so your men can regroup before the next
attack if there is one, they attacked just to attack didn’t take anything didn’t go through the gate it’s almost as if they are
trying to distract us from something bigger” she says the last bit quietly thinking to herself
Thx Miss Raven, also about the Novas, we have found out something , they dont like sunlight a lot so they r more active at night time,
and at night time u can lure them to get a bit closer if you stand in front of the fire and make a little shadow next to the forest,
they then normaly come a bit closer to watch us better i think but they havent attacked us not even one time since the first time we
came and Commander Elena took care fo the one that transform into herself. Oh and we havent seen the centaurs either, at least not
around this gate.

“Thank you for the information that’s really useful Commander Elena will be happy, before I go back and report what I’ve learned is
there anything I can help with?”Yes Miss Raven thank you again, we need a little help rebuilding the fire perimeter in the south,
those fish things r not really afraid of the fire but at least the seem to be careful around fire “Of course” she flys towards the
south perimeter and looks for whoever is running things over there

As you fly down south you notice somethign strange going on, a Nove is ataring at a demon in plain sight as their six eyes
glow with a glacial blue color, the demon guard (who looks not really severely injured) walking slowly towards the beast and
it focus on the demon guard (the demon had dropped his weapon to the floor and also his repairing tools)
She stops hovering just above the two watching the encounter

The Nova is too focused on the demon guard to notice Raven flying on top of the encounter, as the demon guard aproahces the beast the
Nova starts changing slowly into de demon guard, the closer the demon guard is the more the beast looks like it, the demon guard is
like half way close to the beast
Her brows furrow in confusion making sure to not make a sound as she watches for what the nova will do next
After the demon reaches the Nova it has fully transform into a copy of the demon guard, graving it by the neck with the intention of
choking it, still hasnt realized Raven on the sky watching every single step it makes in all this transformation process, the demon
guard then wakes up when the Nova has a solid grip on his neck as he tries to break free from the Nova grasp
She sighs grabbing her scythe from her back flying down fast to help the poor demon she buries the scythe into the nova hard turning
the blade so she has a grip on the nova and pulls it back attempting to make the nova drop the demon

The Nova lets out a scream as it transform back into its quadruped form realesing the demon of its grasp, the scythe buried deep in
the Novas body the wound bleeding profusely, the demon guard falls to the ground as it gets away from the Nova crawling on the ground,
"thx thx, Miss Raven" The beast trying to scape the grasp of the scythe making the wound even bigger in it s try until it finaly
falls to the ground death because of the loss of blood
She lets out a small laugh at the pitiful nova as it dies looking to the demon she just saved “go back to camp be carful we don’t know
who’s actually on our side anymore speak nothing of this” she puts one foot on the nova and rips her scythe out attaching it on her
back again before flying off to the south perimeter one more

"yes Miss, i will do exactly that" You fly down south without seeing any other strange incursion of Novas or anything else, some demons
r there repairing the fire perimeter with torches and some big cauldrons to put fire in
She lands joining the demons in the fire repair helping move cauldrons and place torches
You end the reparations of the fire perimeter as u work hand to hand with the other demon guards, nothing seem to be happening around
the south part of camp, no teven the lake is moving with the wind

She hums thinking looking around making sure they no longer need help she flys back to the gate keeping an eye on the forest down bellow
As u fly over the forest back to the gate u r able to spot some Novas going back deep into the forest getting away from the Gate or
the perimeter, u can also see the injured demons that can still do patrols or guard dutys doing so, as u can see some other moving
the injured ones next to the gate for the journy back to hell to heal before coming back to guard the gate

She nods to herself landing at the gate to go back ready to tell Commander Elena everything she has learned
Some of the more gravely injured demons have already crossed the gate as the Captain walks to Raven, "we r moving the injured back to
hell slowly as we try to maintain the number of demons hee on the gate i have send message to the south posts to bring the gravely
injured back to the gate, hope this attack doesnt repeat soon", the gate keeps roaring but it looks a bit weaken than when Raven came
“I’m going to talk to Commander about sending troops in so all the injured can get healed” she eyes the gate and walks through bowing
to Commander Elena “Commander I have learned a lot on this mission”
The Commander sweating largely as she tries to maintain the control on the power of the gate as the demons come into Hell
"Good job Raven, report the info u got so we can study and analyze it"

“Commander are you sure you can keep the gate like this, I think you might need some help or at least take a break”

"Yes i will need to rest before sending the troops back to Otreibia", relaxes and lets the energy go so the gate closes with a roar
as i start panting and taking long breaths "oh my...that was hard as hell to do"
“I would assume so but in my opinion you did amazing I don’t know many people who would be able to do that” she smiles at the
Commander “I’ll leave you to your break I’m going to go write up my report and then come back to you”

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PostSubject: Re: Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]    

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Mission 2- Gate 2 [ Otreibia]
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