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 Demon Profiles

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PostSubject: Demon Profiles    Tue May 15, 2018 7:17 am

Here you can make the RP for your Demon in the realm. There are a few rules however with the RP in Hell so look over this before you make the RP for your demon. I will also have guild lines you can copy and fill out if you wish.

Age: You can not form from "nothingness" as in Pure shadow . darkness or before time began anything of the sort. Yes we are supernatural beings, But most of you are beings that have been turned into demons. Your age needs to be a set number. Since you existed in some state before becoming a demon. ( You have "forget your age " your RP can be that you simply don't know your age , that is fine )  

Skills: You can not be the master of any skill. You also need to clearly state how you know what you know. or have it clearly implied ( eg I was in the army for a number of years" so it is safe to assume you can fight survive )

To work out your demon age we use "IMVU true age". A IMVU year is 1 week. So look at when your account was made then for out the current weeks. That is you IMVU age. If you had an account before the one you use in Hell then you can use the older accounts age as your own.

( More Maybe added , I will edit posts that have info Hell does not accept ]

Here is a template to help you. You do not need it but its just a guild line


Becoming: [ Put your life before you became a demon, must end it with you giving over your soul and becoming the beast ]

Skills [ things your demon is good at }

and anything else you want to add.

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PostSubject: Re: Demon Profiles    Thu May 31, 2018 1:57 pm

Name: Silver

Age: 148 years old

Origin: Born a Pure-blood Demon of DeathLordKingdom, became queen of the DeathLordKingdom when she was a young demon. Found the Realm Of Drogyol after being assigned an assignment as Queen to form alliances with other realms and kingdoms, and she came into contact with The Realm Of DrogYol which she then arranged to meet with their leader Drog, under the advice of her council, Soon after creating an alliance with the Realm Of DrogYol she joined their ranks and pledged her loyalty and allegiance to DrogYol by giving her soul and stepping down as Queen of her kingdom. Once she joined in the ranks, She became mostly active in the militia serving as a Demon Warrior, and has since commenced training to be promoted to the rank of SGT , training in all forms of combat and study. Silver currently works hard at doing what she does best to support the ranks within the Realm of DrogYol in Hell.

Skills: Planning, Strategy, Research and Study, Combat Training.

Current Rank: Demon Warrior, Training to become SGT within the Militia, under the guidance of the Thane Of War.
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PostSubject: Re: Demon Profiles    Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:03 pm

• Name: Elena27bilb.
• Age: 25 when she was human.
• Time serving in Hell: 368 years.
• Demon type: Warrior.
• Status in Hell: Thane of War, HellForces Commander, Destroyer of Docums Cay, WarLord of Hell.

Elena was a human whose life was always linked to the ones surrounding her. She could tell just by looking at them if someone was feeling down or happy, or even she could almost read if they were planning something. But she was a lonely woman because of this strange “power” of hers. So she usually tried to contact beings from other worlds even if she thought this was impossible, at first of course.

One day in one of this “sessions”, Elena managed to contact something, this being was powerful, and she could say that just by hearing his voice. Elena was immediately seduced by this being and all of its power and she started worshiping him even if she hadn`t meet him still.

After quite some time worshiping the being, whose name was DrogYol or so he said, Elena started to feel happy and with someone she could trust with her life and so she left for a new day at her job. In the way to her workplace she was grabbed and attacked in an ally, some thugs robbed her, stabbed her and left her there to die, so she started praying for her friend DrogYol to safe her, and she told she would do anything if she could live again and claim vengeance over those who attacked her and then she heard DrogYol`s voice in her head:

- “Elena…Would you serve me in Hell for all eternity? Think well your answer cause it will be a vow you will take forever…”

Elena did not need to think for a second nor a minute, she said:

- “Yes I accept to serve you in hell forever, just let me borrow the power to claim vengeance over those who have attacked me…”

- “Then it is settled” said DrogYol in Elena´s mind.

And as the vow was made the wound healed by itself and Elena felt the whole immensity of her new Master´s power, overflowing her mind, changing her body and soul, and thus she became a demon warrior at the service of Master DrogYol.

With her newfound power she tracked down the thugs that had attacked them following them into an abandoned barn next to Elena’s town, she found out that 5 men were robbing and killing what they would say were easy preys. Elena jumped in between them with her new body as if she had popped from the fireplace itself and let go an infernal scream as she started the bloodbath with her own hands. She beheaded the first one that tried to confront her and as the blood rained over the other men and herself she screamed like never before and killed the other four guys with no hesitation.

After the bloodbath she was ready to go serve her new Master and she was vanished from her world and into Hell itself where she kneeled before Master and swore eternal loyalty to Master DrogYol and Hell to serve him in any way possible.

She became the Thane of War and her prior power transform with her, now she could feel the elemental affinity of the things around her in Hell and in other Worlds and she could adjust her body to resist these environments better. She became faster and stronger than ever before and also was named Commander of the armies of Hell. She fought in many battles alongside the other Thanes and her Master himself, always for Hell´s future and power.

Elena now knows what the destiny had in mind for her and when destiny called at her door he opened up and never let it go, now the only time she is willing to come back to her former world is when the Master is ready to conquer it, as he will do with each and every single one of the world´s out there.
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PostSubject: Re: Demon Profiles    

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Demon Profiles
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