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 Mission 3 - UNKNOWN LAND

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PostSubject: Mission 3 - UNKNOWN LAND    Wed May 30, 2018 10:21 am


DrogYol  moves to the Lavas edge , looking back seeing Lulu approching geared up " ahh good you are ready then? ".
Eclipe twirls her dagger around on her hand, stopping at it's hilt and puts it away inside her boot,
nodding as she moves beside him at the edge- Ready as I'll ever be -she responds, looking up at her Master- What's
the mission?
DrogYol raises his hand the Lava parts as a large bridge is formed. THe Hell Gate rises from the pit. The tall stone
Pillers soon cast there shadow over them both before roaring to life Dust and dirt blastign away before being sucked
into the gates vortex. " You will go to this new realm and collect Life essance, find items of value to our realm.
If all goes summon me so i may claim their world" His eyes glow as he holds his hand out energy bursting from his parm
as he holds the gate open " i wish you luck little one "

Eclipe Watches the gate open, squinting her eyes from the dust before it gets sucked into the portal, her hair slightly
flying in it's direction- Yes Master, understood. -Taking a deep breath, she steps onto the lava bridge, walking across
as the pull of the portal is more intense the closer she got- I won't let you down. -She calls back before walking
through the portal, mentally preparing herself for her task.

With a white flash she awakes in a green field the Hell gate behind her roaring as the ground a round it starts to turn
black ash and dirt from hell helping with the colour change. Behind the gate lays a tall forest but the rest of the land
around her seems clear. To the north there is the outline of what could be a tower where as to the east there is a
kingdom of some sort build up on a cost line. Still quite a distance away. The suns heat sweeps over her like a soft
breeze, the weather warm but nothing like her homerealm. The south seems to be mostly desert before meeting the cost
as well.

Eclipe shields her eyes from the white flash, slightly stumbling from the softness of the ground.
She stands in one spot, her vision adjusting to the brightness- Fuck, it's been a while being outside of hell
-she mumbles to herself, her vision finally adjusted as she looks around, examining the world around her- Well fuck.
First thing, I should avoid the heavy populace until i have a plan.... Mind as well have a hideout in the forest
somewhere... -she walks around the gate, looking at the familiar dirt from hell before entering the forest, keeping
to the shadows to find a tree large enough to have a vantage point-The forest has odd sounds hard to pin point, was
well as strange trees that do not sit well with her. Somthing about them feeling very odd. some light shines to the
south as she can see the desert keeps going that way. In anycase as she moved about the forest shadows she can not escape
the stange feeling in the air.
Eclipe looks around, not reacting much to the sounds and the strange feeling that won't leave her- This would be normal if
it was in hell but... hmm.... -She glances around, thinking where would be a good place to set up the shrine- Maybe it
should be close to that kingdom, but still hidden away in the forest... -she nods to herself, jumping up a tree with
ease, hoping to see where the kingdom was located
climbing a tree her eyes catch the movement of serveral strange trees as them actually move towords her, slowly. takign
larger strides when her back is turned to them. the counts 3 of these tress in her eyesight as she gets higher ground.
It dawns on her the strange feeling there was sound of trees and Brids but no wind nor animals in sight it was a emtey
forest making it's own sound.

Eclipe she pretends not to know their movement, knowing she is not much of a direct fighter she thinks of various routes
to escape, prepared to dodge if they ever try to attack her, her guard going up.One tree is stangely close now as the
others seem to have placed them selfs in stratigic locations as if getting ready .The large brashes move above her slowly
as she climbs to the top of the tree she is in , getting a better view now she can see that this forest is catually
quite small there seems to be a large lake on the other side followed by a much larger forest with another tower looking
object rises from the tree tops. The strange trees branches rise up around her as well. The tower to the north can be
seen better here as well as the kingdom by the sea still east of her as well as the large desert to the south.

Eclipe spots the tower-like structure in the middle of the trees, smirking as she memorizes the location as she jumps off
the tree, dodging the branches that was heading towards her as she starts making her way towards the structure, using
her speed and instincts to get through the trees.The tree attempt to catch her but she is far to fast for them. The forest
coming to a quick end as she stands on the other side of the small forest the lake shining in the sun a open bit of land
where the grass meets the desert lays before her as the large forest covers the rest of her view before her the top of
the tower just poking over the trees now. The strange sounds get loader behind her as the Strange trees seem to give up
there game. Root like feet lifting up before slamming back down as vines drop from the branches as start to sway.

Eclipe looks back towards the trees, seeing them moving back into their rightful place on the ground, she looks forward
and sighs, brushing some leaves off her tight clothing- They will be very interesting as part of hell.. -she comments
before walking towards the tower, glancing at the lake once a while- There is a splash as a furred, feline creature
shoots out of the water. Eclipe body moves as her demonic nature kicks in, the Little feline very fast as its wraps
around in a type of Hiss , She can spot several stange bumps on its back as its claws seem wrong. Its eyes focused on
her as it moves around hissing its tail barbed as it swings.: -she jumps out of the way of the pouncing creature, evading
the feline freak as she draws out her dagger, her skeletal tail swinging around as well- awww aren't you a sweet kitten
-she coos, eyeing it but also being wary of her surroundings as a lot of weird things seem to be alive-
The Feline shoots forword again still quite fast this time she does not move fast enough. This time it locks
onto her leg its stange jaws bite her leg sending a shocking pain into her as the strange bumps on its back puff
out a strange gas , her eyesight fades for a second as this thing goes at her leg growling and hissing still.
Eclipe grunts painfully as it bit her leg, quickly shoving the dagger into the tender part of it's neck,
twisting it as her vision blurrys, wrapping her demonic tail around it's torso as she squeezes as haard as she can, all
the while pulling it. The dagger hits true killing the beast the tail wripping it from her leg, her leg spasms a bit
gas puffs one last time from its back , making her a little dizzy but fine her eyesight coming better now with the feline
off her leg. There is a surge of energy as the dagger drains the Life Essance from the little beast [ LE : 1 ]

Eclipe coughs, taking a couple steps from the beast, whincing a little at the pain as she looks at it, examining the
wounds a bit- fucking hell... Not even an hour and this bullshit happens -she mumbles to herself, not used to doing
"field work". She turns towards the tower, frowning at it- you better be worth this damn trip -she says, kicking the
dead beast before walking towards the tower, making sure she doesn't get caught off guard again-
As she reaches the edge of the forest the strange sounds return but this time mixxed witht he real sound, spotting a
few birds as they zip past , as well as the body of some animal, looking as if it had been dunked in acid the forest
quite dark as light struggles to get past the leaves  
Eclipe Her walks become light as she goes silent, listening as she cautiously walks through the trees, ready to jump
as soon as a tree moves, still determined to make it to the tower, as she moves the steps of the trees can be heard her
trained eye spots it straight away as a foot brifly passes in the light then completly vanishes as it moves into the dark.
but now awhere of this fact she can see the steps of these invisable trees in the dirt , there slow movement making a path with
the odd large step here and there. After a quick look around none seem to be movign towords her with any real intention.

Her demonic eyes spots the movements of the invisible trees, silently disappearing into the shadows as she keeps out of
sight, moving only when required as she inches her way to the tower, wondering what is it that the creatures of the forest
is protecting the tower for, and what it is, she hopes it's useful for hell and her Master.
The base of the tower comes into view with a clearly marked door however planets have taken it over , branches creep out
from the old windows. THe large foot prints of the tress coats the area as she remains hidden. Afew close calls but still
not seen. A little Birl however stops in mid flight before somthing wraps around it a large Maw opens up as if it was
hovering in the air tones if not thousands of small teeth fill the maw as the birl is quickly devored.

Eclipe watches the giant mouth appear and devour the bird with a single bite with a blank expression, staying in the
darkness as she just stares at the tower, mentally sighing but is wise enough not to do it aloud. 'What the absalute
fuck is wrong with this forest.' She thinks to herself, being as careful as she could ever possibly could as she gets
closer to the tower, she stops beside a normal tree as the invisible ones pass, keeping to the dark before she sees some
sap leaking from the normal tree, examining it and realizes it is a possible ingredient for her poisons. she takes off a
tiny vial off the chains on her horns and scoops some of the sap into it, closing it and hooking it back on before
[ Unknown poison gained , You can post again ]
she reaches the edge of the forest, still remaining in the shadows as she examines the area
before her, not wanting to make the same mistake of blindly entering a unknown location-
the tower stands tall with losts of plant life coving it as roots bleed of the top. The trees
seem to be moving in random directions but there is a path forming every now and again giving
her a straight run to the door Or she could chance it and try and jump up into one of the windows,
the lowest seems quite easy to jump too but the cover is not the best.

Eclipe examines the situation, looking over the tower. After a harder inspection, she notices there is a route she can
take that has a climable area to the second window above the first set of windows. It is harder and longer to reach, but
it is better than to risk the door and first windows, which she can possibly get attacked by the invisible trees with ease
.At least at the second set of windows, she has a increase of safety. She nods to herself, pulling out her dagger into a
position it was easy to multi-task with her hand, waiting for the oppertunity to reach her goal-
when she makes a brake for it she gets lucky and was not spotted shooting up the tower like a demonic ninja, landing on
windows leage she gets a good view inside. The tower has been hollowed out over years as a large tree fills it its
branches and all shooting mostly out the top as well as every point they could .

Eclipe felt deeply disappointed as she just stares at the tree, crossing her arms as she wants to yell in frustration but
she couldn't. Hoping there is at least SOMETHING to get out of it, she lifts her tail, sticking the sharp end against
the glass as it slowly eases in, being patient with it as she didn't want it to shatter and give herself away-
she keeps pushing her tail until the sharp bit was halfways in, looking inside again, she puts both hands on the window
as she slowly starts tugging along the glass, mentally calming herself as she slowly cuts the glass, little cracks
forming at the edges of the line cut but doesn't increase to a dangerous amount.-  

The dirt shifts below her as the trees move unseen , none seem to have seen her, the Large tree seems to almost be making
a humming sound as bodies come into view now, the tower corners having large acid dunked bodies laying about them,: -she
almost finishes making a hole big enough for her to enter, knowing she has to crack the rest in order to move the glass
slab out of the way she prepares to catch it, staying still for a moment until she quickly pushes it, a quick snap of the
glass the slab comes off as she uses her speed to catch it before it falls and shatters, staying still as she listens
around to see if anything heard the crack : -she sighs silently with relief, moving the slab to the side, she enters the
tower, standing up at the other side she has a full view of what was inside the tower, glancing down at the bodies in
acid- Well.... Good thing I didn't take the front door.Vines swing from the top off the tree the wood not looking right
as she looks abound the room many of the old floors had been destroyed but a few support beams still stand and push into the tree, After thinking it over some she decides to take the information she has collected back to Hell, to plan for the next adventure.
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Mission 3 - UNKNOWN LAND
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