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 The Age Of Hell [ History Of The Realm ]

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PostSubject: The Age Of Hell [ History Of The Realm ]    Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:18 am

The Current Age: Age Of Return 742yr  

[ The 1st age ] THE AGE OF BIRTH :0yr

The grand beings of creation had come together and gave birth to all of creation, laying the foundations to what would become DrogYol. The Demon Lord was born in a strange world of rule-less existence. The dimensions lay close together, beings could move between them with very little effort. This allowed DrogYol and other first life to bounce between worlds and it was very common to do so. Words were filled with Lifeforms that had no real space or form, Begins bounced between realms trying to form into something never really knowing what. DrogYol soon found his form as a Demon as well as discovering that he could absorb Life Essence for Energy and power. So He moved around Realm less corrupting minds and seeking the essence like a drug.

[ The 2nd age ] THE AGE OF HELL-BRITH: 100yr  

After 100yrs  the void was created and growing it had drifted apart many of the realms. These places soon forming into there own pockets of reality. DrogYol had gained quite a bit of power now, He had become a Demon Lord with a handful of followers and some kingdoms even praising his name, out of fear or respect it did not matter. These Kingdoms Offered Females for DrogYol to absorb or to use. Both in any case left there kingdom untouched by the newly forming Lord. However with the kingdoms and his small demon force, he gain quite a bit of power. Enough to forge his own realm of Flame and ash. The pit soon formed a small crave of rock and lava shielding him from the other realms, With all the realms so close, hell gates cost nothing to form and the demons them selves could open and jump at will.Using his power to form the First Thane, Rain " The Thane of Knowledge"

[ The 3rd age ] THE AGE OF ASHSA: 150yr
As Hell grew in power and size, DrogYol started needing help managing his realm still young and growing, After crating a Thane he looked to try and create a more powerful unit. Where Thanes are 40% of his power He wanted to form a Queen of all demon a being that had a massive link to him a being that he could funnel all of Hells power into and not be bound by the same rules as himself, and he did. The Queens Essence was formed a power unlike anything 90% of Hell total power ready to be linked to one soul. The first was a loyal demon at his side Ashsa. The demon lord offered this power to her and she accepted. However it Proved too much for Her and in time the power burned up inside her and she turned to ash. The power however remained returning to its Master awaiting a new host.  

[ The 4th age ] THE AGE OF LOVER: 190yr

The Power was next given to Gasia the lover. A proven demon leader, knowing full well what had happened to the queen before her. She accepted. Hell grew and so did the Queens essence Gasia warned DrogYol that she was burning inside that there needed to be a way to lessen the effects of it all. So they came up with a plan. The Queens essence as a massive power boost to a demon and it should allow them to carry a child of a demon lord. So DrogYol impregnated her, The idea being once the child is born the power could be shared between them. Since the Child would be 1/2 DrogYol it should be able to hold the power at a larger scale accounting for Hells growth. 1 Child was born Princess Tessa. However it was quite short lived once she came ready to take on the power, Tessa wanted it all. She destroyed her mother. Impressed at the show of force he granted the power to Tessa, starting a new age.

[ The 5th age ] THE AGE OF BLOOD: 200yr

Assuming that the power had found a balance in the child of DrogYol, he turned his attention to seeking power. Building his Demonic forces he started attacking other massive kingdoms forcing them to give there essence to Hell or join him. DrogYol Using the Hell Queen to control the realm as well as war started to make his forces seem unstoppable. However the speed in which he did so was too much. Tessa Started to burn determined to prove to her father that she could handle it she waged more wars using the Queens power on her foes, thinking that if she could get stronger she could handle it, However this was not the case the rise in power just made it worse and she soon burst into a powerful soul bomb unloading the life essence she had absorbed all at once.

[ The 6th age ] THE AGE OF THREE: 243yr

The Queens power seemed too much for one being and so using 3 Chosen Demons , DrogYol Formed 3 Queens, Zoey-al,Tish and Jo. The 3 queens where not as powerful as the one before. However there did seem to be a balance. DrogYol left Hell to there watch as he focused on leading the battles , Kingdoms and realms now fully formed and DrogYol was in a Land grab against the Angelic, aided by the kingdoms sworn to him, after years of worshipping the Demon Lord they had become beings of there own right Vampires and other monsters. However DrogYols interest in war made him blind to the Hate the the Queens started to forge. Each Queen believed they where much stronger then the others, the taste of the Queen Essence was not enough. They needed more. It is unsure who started the conflict. But Hell soon exploded into a 3 way Queen battle. However in the battle they all got weaker as DrogYol waged war above, Hells power grew and soon all 3 queens screamed and burned to ash.

[ The 7th age ] THE AGE OF TEMPTATION: 303yr

DrogYol became over confident believing now that he was unstoppable. His greed and power grew and soon a vampire queen rose to his side her forces and his seemed unstoppable. Together they raised war after war, She filled his fire for MORE. To reward her efforts and her impressive battle power DrogYol gave her the Queen Essence
allowing them to push harder and deeper into wars DrogYol became godly in power. The Vampire soon becoming known as the Queen of Temptation. DrogYol had it all slaves, demons and power. This rise to such power formed many enemies , more then the Demon Lord was ready for. The Kingdoms against him pushed back in one large assault however when Drogyol  joined his demons in the battle the plan was put into action. The kingdoms that once aided DrogYol turned crushing the demonic forces, The Hell Queen turning against Drogyol with her forces from her old kingdom and the power of the Hell queen. she took him down. DrogYol Fell slamming back into his own realm as the forces descended. The demons all fell feeling there souls burn as there master died , the Angelic allied forces Burst past the gates to finish the Demon lord , In a Last stand the demons tried to close the Hells gate But failed. There masters power even in his dying state was too strong for them to over turn. Some in a last attempt they turned on the betrayer. The demons damaging and pulling at the Hell Queen pulling her to the ground. The Thane Rain, after ripping the essence out of the hell queen fired the Queens Power at the Gate. The demons burned around Rain as they tried to help her hold the power, the Realm and pit started to brake apart the Master was dying, Rain then turned and grabbed her Master diving into the void as it starts to consume their home, the demon lord unable to hold on the realm closed and Hell had been defeated.                      

[ The 8th age ] THE AGE OF FIRE: 340yr

DrogYols strength had returned but he was now very weak, Only Rain had survived and she was working in the shadows to gain more support for her Master. one of the new Demons,  heart and caring , to aid in his return DrogYol named her the Queen of Fire. She in time had two children Princess Clara and Princess Wolf. However Before Wolfs birth a Demon warrior named Katie was close to the whole Royal line. She looked after the Queen and defended the Master. When Wolf was born after a week things go bad and soon the Queen Passed along with Wolf. Katie took Clara under her wing and it only seemed right that she continue on. The master allowed her to take the Queen essence from the body of fire.

[ The 9th age ] THE AGE OF KATIE: 362yr

Katie was a powerful queen  looking after the surviving Princess. She was very respected and helped DrogYol return to a powerful position. However from his fall he had learned to focus on the control of his power. He focused on making hell as strong in both faith and power, He used his new power this time to form another 3 Thanes. The Thane Of Justice Yuki, Thane Of War  Elena , Thane Of Time Blue. With his new Thanes he could control parts of his domain better allowing Hell to have more powerful demons in play so that His fall would not happen twice. Not all things last as Hell grew the Queen seemed more and more... detracted. Missing for Days on end. But soon the truth came out. She had fallen in Love with a mortal king and was to have his child. She stood before DrogYol and the demons and commanded them to rise with her, she wanted Hells forces to aid her in the Mortal realm for she promised the king a powerful army. However the demons did not move, She has assumed that she had more pull with them. She was wrong. Elena rose with her Army as the other Thanes stepped to the side of there master. DrogYol filled with rage over this betrayal pulls the Queen essence from her body, Clara jumped to the aid of her step-mother. but was destroyed by the rage with-in her father, Katie screamed in pain but she also felt betrayed from by the Demons of hell and her rage was equal to his. She ripped away keeping her original demon form. The demons attacked her but she was hard willed and managed to escape the though the Hell Gate. Elena ordered demons to hunt her down. But the Betrayer Queen lived.

[ The 10th age ] THE AGE OF NIGHT: 410yr
A demon by the name of Midnight was a powerful demon in Elena's army. She had battled Katie and helped with the Hunt. In a few conflicts with Katie she found out that she was plotting revenge. Midnight had much respect with the demons and her master and she soon claimed the Queen Essence.As queen she did much to aid Elena and her military background, Making Demon ranks and armour. She gave birth to Princess Deaf and made it her role to aid in the hunt for the Betrayer queen as well as help the Demon Lord grow stronger. The hell queen took of with some of the troops to continue in her search. And did not return. Believed to be dead DrogYol pulled the Queen Essence  back to him as to not let Katie find it. But little did he know that Midnight was actually in conflict with Katie. With the essence ripped from her she felt betrayed by her Lord that she wanted to save, Kaite whispered in ear and they joined forces. The 2 ex queens returned with the mortal kings army and the demons cast with Midnight. The demons now torn by the masters actions the Princess moving to her mother aid helping her gain support from some other demons. She demanded to return to queen. DrogYol said no. Hell broke into a civil-war, some demons siding with the Queens and the rest with the Master and his Thanes. However With out the Power of Hell with in them the Queens Had a hard time. However a demon soon gained an impressive following and support, she was called The Malicious Wolf (  Mal ). Mal rose up and took the queens her self in an impressive battle of power, and both queens and there  armies suffered a defeat at the hands of the Thanes and Mal.

[ The 11th age ] THE AGE OF SILENCE: 437yr      

The Wars and death and pain over the Queen Essence. Was too much for DrogYol. He ruled that from this point on there will be no queen, none can hold its power and be trusted to live with it. In this time Mal was reworded by the Thanes and her master and served as a assassin and informant for Hell, In this time however she and her Master spent a lot of time together. DrogYol still hurt by his past ruled she would never be queen. and she did not care. The demons all saw it in her, Mal was there for them all and one day it came to be. The demons all stood before there master, they all gave there word for Mal to be queen, she had every word. DrogYol did not want to lose Mal to the Queens power but all of Hell had spoken and such support is to to be awarded.  

[ The 12th age ] THE AGE OF WOLVES: 472yr

Queen Mal had come to be and with her the age of wolves. She aided in Hells growth massively. she help bring forth the Nexes and other realms, as well as inspire and help all the demons before her, she was much loved and respected by all. Giving birth to 2 sons and 2 daughters "The Children of wolves". hell had started to grow

[ The 13th age ] THE AGE OF LAST: 522yr

Queen Mal had ruled for longer then any other before her, the Queen essence inside her, not burning but making her stronger. As Hell grew so did she. Mals control and power of the Queens essence was perfect. Thus DrogYol rule that there would be no more Queens. Mal is now The Last Queen that will ever rule Hell's domain.  

[ The 14th age ] THE AGE OF CHANGE: 640yr

Hells power has grown to impressive size however conflict soon developed with-in. The Children of wolves  pushed back against there father as they attempted to form there own Hells. The Hell Queen Mal trying to keep her babies safe from the Demon Lord while still maintaining hell, Demons got divided and chaos grew within, Until the Demon lord eventually destroyed all but one of his children Princess Jess.  

[ The 15th age ] THE AGE OF CROSSING: 692yr

Hell power no growing and in balanced allowed DrogYol to once again open Hell Gates. However the realms had moved far apart the void between them massive making travel to other places a lot harder. DrogYol made for the Largest realm he could target, The Land of Tipani. The Hell gate took alot of Power to get him this far , he could at best send one demon at a time though it and on the other side they would be shadow beings until a form could be forged for them to take. Tipani was a lot different to DrogYols home realm. Moving became difficult and he new a foot hold would need to be made before he could bring his demons across the void. As he did 600 years ago he used the remainder of his power to make the Thane of Connection Maze. With Maze he was able to forge a few new demons and create a small Hell. However DrogYol did not know that this realm burns energy faster , and soon the Hell realm fall apart and send DrogYol and Maze back to Hell. Only one new demon survived the fall back " Gally ". The connection still there DrogYol made it his mission to Build up power once more then attempt the trip again.  

[ The 16th age ] THE AGE OF RETURN: 730yr <--------------------- CURRENT AGE

DrogYol studied his past and used his knowledge of this new realm ( as best he could ) to gear and change Hell for the better. He placed new rules cleaned up the act of many and started running the realm more effectively. the thanes using there power to aid the masters return. In a attempt to get his demons ready for the " Second Crossing " of the void, The Master started opening smaller gates linking to other closer less developed realms to gear The realm for the coming days...
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The Age Of Hell [ History Of The Realm ]
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