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 RP Missions and Jobs List

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PostSubject: RP Missions and Jobs List    Thu Jun 28, 2018 3:41 am

Here is a list of all missions and jobs available, If you wish to accept a Job or Mission , or join one ongoing. Message DrogYol on IMVU or Discord.

MISSIONS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Gate 1 [ Docums Cay ] Recon mission to determine the results of the invasion  

Gate 2 [ Otreibia ] Control the last gate location. This mission is lead by Thane Elena. [ NO TIME SET ]

Gate 3 [ UNKNOWN ] Recon , to study the lifeforms of the area and space around the gate to make way for Hells forces. Lead by Demon Assassin Lulu. [ NO TIME SET ]  

JOBS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  
These jobs can be done on your own as long as you have someone who can send me the chat log on Discord.

Reinforce: Training of New Demonic warriors for Hells Forces [ Reword +1 to speech ]
- Pick one of the legions in the ARMOURY then make a rp about you training new demons

Feed beasts of Hell. [ Stamina+1 Toughness+1 ]
- You need to do a RP where you feed all the beats that are in the Pit itself.

Milk the beasts. [ Stamina+1 Toughness+1 ]
- You can do a RP about how you get the " seed" from the beasts and demons of Hell for the forge. You can get as creative as you like and you don't have to " milk them ", you just need to get the seed. Have a look at the seed in the HellForge and then make a RP about you collecting some for Hell.

Collecting Ingredients. [ Stamina+1 ]
You can pick any Ingredient/s from the list and do a RP on how you collect it. this can only be done IN HELL so you cant go to another place to collect what you need.

Meet the Centaur [ Speech + 1 ]
80 centaur 1 Leader joined hell after a mission in gate 2. What will happen to them ?

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PostSubject: Re: RP Missions and Jobs List    Mon Jul 23, 2018 8:15 pm


The demon minions come over to yuu and pass him the Towers blue prints , " Demon there are 3 points on the tower. the beams , the Stone and the  frames where do you wish for us to begin
"Well the frames are a good start. Then beams and lastly we will work on the overlying exterior stone work." -Yuu looks the blueprints over walking over toward the scene of the tower.-

A small team of demons come with him as they approach the tower, bones of the fallen demons in the battle scatter the area, The tower creaks and moans from the damaged it took on
"So we are going to need to focus on it now falling an Hearing the crunch of bones under his feet "Lets also get some of these goddamned bones out of the way. very bad for morale." -He'd start sweeping the bones away using his tail as he went along the demon team nods as they get to work under his guidance , sweeping away the bones as some start to work on the tower.  Updating him as they go about. The cost of the tower showing foot steps from the lava where the Dark Army had come out

Yuu follows it to see how much space is from the tower to the lava itself noting the foot steps. He would also like to examine the shape of the footprints left by the dark army to gage what might be marching among the ranks
it is hard to know a difference the dark armies foot prints basically the same as the demons. However there seems to be something on a small island  popping out of the lava.
Rawrs comes over to help fix the tower seeing Yuu standing on the cost looking out at the lava , the small team of demons with him working on the tower.

Yuu can observe Rawrs on the set on the repair and can see the order in which the Demons were ordered to repair the tower working on the frames now though some clean away the rest of the bones and sweet the area making it level for the easier transport of resources
Rawrs  Walks over to Yuu to see what he has been working on so far. She sees the team of demons working on clean up and working on the frames of the Tower. She Turned to face Yuu and asked. ''Do we have a blue print your working off of? And what can I do to help?. '' Rawrs Waged her tail excitedly ready to help.
Yuus feels something is off. The demons are hard at work as Rawrs  look at the tower seeing nothing too damaged

"Got the blueprints here." -He holds them up but looks over at the island. in the distance- "We should be garrisoned. Think you can quickly get a hold of some spare weaponry? Something as a contingency measure. These workers may not be soldiers but Id  like every body eager to stand ground with atleast the means to do so."
''ohh i see'' -she watches him looking to the island and looks to see what he is looking at then looks back at him as he spoke- hmm. ya i can check to see if theres any spare weapons at the forge or laying around''. -Rawrs Runs off towards the Forge and weapons storage as she looks about the ground for any lost weapons that could be use-.

Yuus spots a dark demon soon standing on the island doing nothing , its blue eyes glowing however now that he could see it standing still it seemed...wrong as if the demon was not standing up on its own.  Rawrs gets to the forge The scholars hand her a cart of Hell Blades and some bows " we are sorry demon that is all we can spear at the moment captain Khars Army is still here insisting we keep a tight lock on weapons .
Yuu takes time to squint and focus in order to see what was near the bottom of this dark demon on the island. His eyes go to the lava now feeling very unease crossing his fingers for Rawrs to hurry "Well this is a problem."

Rawrs looks at the cart hoping that this is enough she looks over to the scholar '' Its alright I understand thanks for
the weapons ''Rawrs darts off running back over to the tower pushing the cart. she stops in front of yuu trying not to crash in to him . ''Yuuuuuuu! i got the stuff you asked for. this is all they would give  me  so i hope this is enough. ''
she points to the cart.
Rawrs now spots the dark demon on the small island just off from them , looking at them , doing nothing. its blue
eyes glow , its feet not really standing it up , Yuu has seen that the whole demon seems ...almost controlled but but other then its stance there was nothing else that would lead to that idea. The dark demon does not even move to
look at Rawrs it just stares at yuu and at the tower now and again
"Thats distracting the fuck outta me...." -He calls back to the workers- "Arm up, have a piece on you while you work, remember we are at war and could be attacked at any moment! Got some weapons here. Saftey first right?!"  -He then looks to rawrs giving her a pat on the head- "Thanks, you may have saved this project." Taking up a hammer himself to help with scaffoldings, ears attentive for Rarws's opinion/observations.

Rawrs sees the black cloud with eyes then it took a second to process that it was not a cloud but a demon watching she looked over to yuu as he spoke.'' il watch it then '' she watch as yuu armed everyone then smiled as he pat her on the head. ''anything its no problem'' she watches the thing over in the distances as she pulls out a deck of cards that look like black playing cards. Rawrs walked around the tower and around the preterite of the building sight as she droped a card every where she walked as the card hit the floor it would  stick to the ground and turn transparent this would allow her to create portals one at a time to teleport around the place if needed. she acted like she was just watching what everyone was doing and lending a hand every now and then well she peeked her eye on the demon.
as Rawrs makes her way around she spots another Dark Demon on a rock in the distance and another as she makes her way around she counts 7 of them just watching, standing in there seemingly impossible stance. the Demon team starts the stone work the repairs going faster with Yuu aiding them

Now on some higher Scaffolding Yuu looks over to see the seven getting a cocky and childish inclination to take pot-shots at them with a bow but shakes it off remembering how many bones had to be swept up and refrains from doing so. his devious smirk settles "What in the fuck are they?.." -His tail allowed him to work in places and reach much more complicated angles using the tools seeing the scaffolding up and ready for when it was time to repair brick. He heads inside to examine the condition of the Tower frames. If he could he would repair them manual himself**

Rawrs notes the location of the 7 demons pretending she had not seen them. She looks up to see Yuu on the Tower and pulls out another deck of cards but the backs of the cards are blood red this time but still could be stuck to anything and anyone but these ones are used to speak at long distance but can only be herd by the one its attached to or near to the ear of the other person. She sends the card to yuu after enchanting it to fly to him and land near or on his shoulder once it was on him she would hold another card from the deck to her mouth covering her lips with the card as she spoke. '' yuu you see them the 7 things. what do you suggest we should do ?'' she then attaches the card to her neck so she can hear him with out being near him.
the first demon is now off his little island and is standing on the cost near the base of the Tower , Rawrs walking around the sides spotting it. the Demon team is almost down with repairs
-Yuu steps out to approaches Rawrs with the intent of having her join in to help finish tower repairs. Seeing a demon by the coast however prompted his tail to thin and caress the Obsidian metal sword on his back. His approach mainly being diplomatic and those who could see yuu couldn't tell his blade is ready to strike if need be.-

Rawrs would stare at the demon but broke her gaze as yuu approached her. '' yes Yuu?'' she asked as she cheeped the demon in the corner of her eye.
once the gaze drops the shadow demon then bursts into action on its own they could see that its not even touching the ground... how is it running ? how is it even standing. Its deep blue eyes focus on Yuu its face empty [ 5 turns till tower fixxed  ]
"Jackass is charging us!" -Pointing it out to Rawrs. The obsidian sword goes flying forth from Yuus back to draw a verticle downward slash with the aim of clipping it before it was in good mele range. Should the attack land the blade with strive to come back to him quicker but is likely to get a bit stuck if  it misses-
'' i see that ''-Rawrs Summons Oreo her scythe to her side taking a defensive position ready to block or attack  she turns so her back is slightly facing the tower  to minimize the risk of being attacked from behind but able to provide yuu with support. she looks around quicky to see if any of the others are moving as well.

Rawr spots that some of them have moved however the Shadow demon attacking Yuu poofs into a white  ghost like ,phasing past Yuu attack letting him swing into the air before  reforming however this time it was a copy of Yuu. coming at him from behind. [ 4 turns till tower fixed  ]

The Alarm goes of ringing over Hell the Tower was once again under attack . There are shadow demons jumping to the towner to slow down and stop the demons facing it as @Yuu does battle with once of the shadow demons at the towers base. However this one looked just like a shadow copy of himself. The shadow Yuu attack missing him but it phases past his attack once more but remains in front of him. the Demonic army starts to move onto the tower .
[ 3 of my posts till the tower if fixxed as long  as the Helpers stay alive fixing it

Kharsyn growls loudly, filling the place with her growl before she charged over to the tower with her army and started to clear the bottom of the tower where she stopped. Swinging her sword about, cutting the abdomen of the attacking army
Rawrs Helps yuu with his shadow clone trying to back the shadow in to the corrner . as she jumps back a little hearing Khars Roar growing louder.'' oh its just khar'' Rawrs thinks to her self well  maybe we can try to kidnap this one  but it keeps avoiding yuus attacks.

Yuu dashes forward with a high leap over the apparition casting his blade to draw a slash at the ground behind and under this seemingly illusory vision of himself perhaps believing that its being projected by something hidden in and or moving along the ground. Had notice that it had not really attacked him. Even so should his ground strike prove fruitless he will advance to where the bulk of the armies were. The workers at the tower fairly armed for what its worth.

Bree flies over everyone moving towards the tower to help them fix it from where they were attacked last time
Khars Army steam rolls the shadow demons at the base  of the tower  they try to phaze but it does them no good The copy of Yuu avoiding his attack  only to be impaled the Demon Captain Khar.  The 3 on the tower start trying to get past its walls   [ 1 turn left to Fix the tower ( going faster with Brees Help

Jibril would slumber still, the demon always sleeping and devour what he can to store much energy. In fact, that was the whole reason behind his sloth and indulging nature. The young demon sitting up from the plain hellish grounds he rested on, he was picky of where he slept. One last yawn escaped his mouth as he stood up slowly, Jibril brushing off some dirt from him and from afar he could hear battle commencing. It would seem that the ones that attacked the tower last time had come back to finish the job. Already having his equipment on him at all times, the lazy demon made his way over to aid his fellow demons, his speed faster than usual as it was said before he had stored plenty of energy and power during his long week of slumber and devouring of food. Once at the scene of the event, Jibril's demonic eyes could see his comrades fight of an army of enemies. Making it his mission to defend what was left of the tower, Jibril would find it best to protect the weakest points of the tower, so he aided the ones that were repairing and would fight off whatever came his way. The young demon already in action as his fist would fly towards one of the enemies, his strength already great, but doubled this time, due to his stored energy. His fist flying through it, his gauntlet shredding through it’s flesh with ease. With a jerk of his arm, Jibril then, ripped from it’s corpse and kept up the process of taking down more and protecting, Bree and other workers.

Rawrs turned to Khar .''Thanks there is more on the tower though'' she around the tower looking out to see if there is anything she missed . she looked in to the lava questioning then runs to the front of the tower to check to see the workers are still safe and working. then climes the  tower going after the other 3

Bree kept working while everyone fought against the army protecting the tower and workers while they repaired the damages

Yuu casts his tail upward toward the ones atop the tower aiming to impale and rip them down to ground level into the armies surely to decimate them once prone. Like a fisherman casting a line however it was a very hit or miss process. "Archers like... do your jobs or something." He flips his hair so he could see better. Hed be content if he could pull down atleast two His focus on the task of dispatching the onnes atop the tower immense

The rest of the Shadow demons are destroyed leaving behind a blue ooze [ Nova Skin ]  The demonic army hunts the Area as Bree and the team of demons finish there work [ The tower of DrogYol has been fixed and 7X Nova skin found ]

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PostSubject: Re: RP Missions and Jobs List    Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:40 pm


[ Lava Beasts ]
Bree approaches the lavas edge carrying a bucket of raw unknown meats. soon spotting the lava beasts spines come out  of the  
lava , now all she needed to do was work out a way to get them over to her and feed them  [ You can also try to get to there
cock and harvest seed for the forge
Bree kneels down next to the lava seeing the beasts spines come out of the lava. She takes a piece of meat out holding it over
the edge hoping the smell will be enough to draw the beasts to her
they seem to pop up and soon there eyes come into view locking onto bree as she temps them with the raw meat, blood dripping
from it as some start to come closer she stays very still watching as they come closer. She looks into their eyes her bright
blue ones glowing a bit

soon one comes up and grabs the meat from her resting on the shore line eating as the others all come in to join there friend.
she smiles as she gives each beast a piece of meat and a pet on the head showing them they can trust her
They grunt and move against her happily eating there meal , not seeing her as a threat.

[ demon minions ]
Bree makes her way to the tower where the demon minions rest , she steps into a large room with lost of food to lay out
( there are over 1000 in the room flying above her )
She takes a deep breath looking around the large room taking all the minions. She thinks for a minute the tosses food on the
floor around her. She knew she could handle them like the lava beasts seeing as there was a ton more minions. She whistles  
looking up at the minions. Like a dark horde the large demon minions fly down one at a time snatching up food some returning
to the sky others resting on pillars and rocks  as they eat the food , there Rock like shafts stand out as they stand tall
eating there food she watches them all eating before letting her wings out letting them flap enough to make her fly off the
ground slightly. She moves towards one of the minions going slow to not scare it off
The minion does nothing but gulp down the food in is hands

she reaches out carefully rubbing her hand on the minions cock
the beast rock like shaft opens up a little as his thick cock forms in her hand , the minion soon looking at her as it growls
low she looks at the minion in the eyes letting her blue eyes glow while still rubbing on the beasts cock.
Its cock hardens as her blue eyes seem to claim him, his thick cock is stronger now as other demons start to collect around her
she smirks watching as the minion gets lost in her eyes,  his shaft hardens more in her hand, she moves her hand a bit faster as
others minions surround her
feeling the beasts rock cock throb she quickly gets a glass bottle and harvests his seed , the minions groans as she milks him ,
some other beasts around her watch some having there cocks  deploy as well

sSmore and more start to collect around her there cock deploying as she feels the one she is working on now throb and grow
she chuckles looking around at all the minions collecting around her as she keeps stroking the one minions cock
his cock starts to throb as the others get closers she soon feels a number of the rock like cocks around her as there hands
start to grab at her , some feeling her head others her breast , ass body as she continues to feel the one cock.

Thats what you are dealing with she looks around softly growling warning them to back off of her while she keeps rubbing the
one minion the rock cock are all around her as they come in from all sides , the one she was working soon pops and shoots is
seed onto her hand and the floor as the others get all worked up subbing against her shoulders and face
she huffs as she tries to get the seed that was shot of onto her hand into the glass, she turns away from the minion looking
at the others as her eyes glow a darker blue as she flies up from the ground
she flies out of the room taking the seed she collected to the forge panting softly from her fast escape. She takes a break for a moment before head to the next animal

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PostSubject: Re: RP Missions and Jobs List    Wed Jul 25, 2018 4:55 am


[ Demon Minions ]
Yuu walks up to the Tower and goes in size as the horde of Minions moves about at the top , With him he has some food for
them as well as tools to sharpen claws with over a 1000 of them there was no way he could do them all But some would be enough.
She sees allof these minions at the top of the tower dawning an embarassed blushas they robably remember when she was male
before the Remia incident. She arms herself with the claw sharpening tools and approaches one. Her chest bounces in her white
top and skirt struggled to caress her curvaceous thighs no doubt a plesant familiar face. - "Howdy.." -Shed start handing out
food to them one by oneThe minions start to land around her taking some food some flying off again others standing by as they
eat , there rock shafts closes but sitt very clear to the eye.

Once the food ran out shed get on her knees. It was something Yuuamador would never do formerly and they could see the
hesitation on her as she goes down with the claw sharpening tools. "Alright big guys. Lets see those claws." -Hed figure they
were probably worn from all that had happened at the tower. Her purple lustfilled eyes met theirs for a moment if ony vrief as
she started to refine their claws using the tools.Not all the beasts allow Yuu near, but the few that do comply standing still
as they get there claws sharpened, growing a little as they breath and tower over yuu

Yuu licks his lips after filing a few. This knelt position under them causing her to grind her thighs a bit. Once she had
sharpened her share shed stay knelt incase they had other needs.Yuu looks both ways before making a ring with her hands and
moving it back and forth near her mouth suggesting fellatio. Hopefully the minions understood though her and seductive positions
invited perversions innately.One near her looks as it comes closer its eyes passing over her before holding her head with its
large hands as its rock shaft parts and lets out its demonic cock as it grows and presses against her face. She can feel this
stiffness and heat against her face and all of the other minions are able to see this. Her big wet lips plant a kiss where its
able but shes now practically panting with arousal naturally. Plump lips glisten thanks to her watering mouth and both hands
rest on the minions thigh before moving to the base of its shaft to gently stroke the beast moves his hips thrusts a bit in her
mands as the tip pushes against her lips , the demon getting harder as other land and watch eyes looking at Yuu.

The demons cock is now met with hot breathy licks from Yuus tongue after her soft lips spread to let her powerful muscle thrust
free a bit. Her mouth stays ajar after getting a good taste she surrenders to it. The massively stiff rod shines with her saliva
and between loud licks, gently smooching echos through the room. Both hands work at the base continually while her mouth tender
ly treats the tip- "Aaaaaaaaaah!~"the others get closers the sound of there cock opening cicks around the room. there shafts
grow larger as the demon she is working on starts to throb. She can smell them getting closer and when in range her hands tend
to them and tail coils a fourth to eagerly pump. Her mouth takes the curent one in dick head first to pull it eagerly with
vaccum like force. Her chest is slobbered up with a mix of precum and saliva. This makes her sweater semi-see through and her
nipples get good and perky. When she really got into it the deep throaty gagging noises were near deafening in concert with
messy slick fapping noises.- Mmnfh!~ Mmnh!~ Ack!~ Mua! Panting to pull off and catch her breath for a moment and lick precum
trails from her lips "Cum on you horney fucks.. Let Yuu take care of you." the demons descend , there cocks hard as they grab
yuu clothes being torn off as a unknown amount of claws move over Yuu the demon in her mouth holding her head cumms thick, cumms
floods yuus mouth as the rest of them pull and grab at Yuu cocks all around her face as some find her holes and thrust on in,
claw marks coat her body. cocks between her breasts as some find her mouth , others thrusting into her holes.

there are too many demons so much that after the last one is done the first is all ready to go again. Cumm coating and bathing
yuu , there large hands grabbing her ripping at her skin as they slam and grind into her , after hours of fucking yuu is left
laying in a thick puddle of Cumm as it all drips and flows from her face and now destroyed holes her belly large as if she was
with child as he is left on the stone floor. Her tail weakly flops and writhes in the cum puddle. Upon trying to move her body
twitches and couldnt muster is. After some laboured breathing she pukes up some of the cum and her defiled holes violently
erupt with cum. She had underestimated the Situation and is more than content to simply lay there and relax. Walking for now
was out of the question

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PostSubject: Re: RP Missions and Jobs List    

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RP Missions and Jobs List
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