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 Demons Lore

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PostSubject: Demons Lore   Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:21 am

--------------- General introduction ---------------

Demons are multi-dimensional beings that, to any outside observer, seem to be supernatural. Demons as a species operate like a Hive Mind. All demons are linked and created by a Demon Lord, The true demon that creates others and exists within their own dimensional realm. While it is unknown how these beings come to be, within their own realm they are almost a God. They process the abilities to manipulate the land, as well as create life but only if the demon lord is strong enough. However this does not make them immortal.
Demons exist to corrupt and take as much life essence as possible. This energy force, feeds into their Demon Lord, which in return, increases their strength and power. This then enables them to increase the amount of Demons and their individual power. Life Essence can be obtained a number of ways. While many assume demons feed on souls, they are actually harvesting the Life Essence of their victim, however the victim needs to be passed out or dying for this to be possible. Demons are also able to take Life Essence from places of importance such as Temples and churches. These special locations are places where beings have unknowingly imprinted a part of their Life Essence and given enough time and followers these locations can become large sources of power for a Demon Realm.

--------------- Demons ---------------

Demons are the beings linked to a Demon Lord and are servants in name only. They have full control over themselves and their own actions. But due to the Hive mind like relationship they are more inclined to obey the Demon lord and defend the realm even harvest Life Essence for their Lord.

They are able to harness a percentage of their Lords power and use it in their attacks, abilities and armor. So the more powerful a Demon Lord is, the more Powerful the demons become. As they are multi-dimensional beings, Demons body are only manifestations of their true self. In turn, they are known as Void Demons.

--------------- Creations and types ---------------

Demons are created in a number of ways. The first are Demon Thanes. These demons are beings created by the Demon Lord itself. The Lord uses its own power to call them forth into existence. While the process is quite painful, as well as time and energy consuming, the first few Demons to exist in a Demon realm tend to be the Thanes. When enough power is gained the Demon Lord can convert other Demons into Thanes allowing them to harness more of its power. But again this is a long painful process for the Demon Lord and burns up a lot of power. Therefore a Demon lord will be picky as to what demons it converts into Thanes.

The second way in which demons are created are through commitment. If a being comes to the Demon Lord and offers their Life Essence freely, they are converted into a demon amidst the process. This is the best method a Demon Realm can use to obtain more power, since Demon Thanes are created by the Lord using its own power, whilst demons created through commitment are created by using some of the essence they gave. This then increases the Lords power. However, as they are not being 100% created by the Lord’s own power, demons made from commitment naturally have a weakened connection to their Demon Lord and are therefore weaker in power compared to their Thane counterparts. This method of obtaining demons is the reason why many demons will try to trick or convince beings into handing over their Life Essence over willingly to the Demon Lord, as opposed to battling the victim and taking it by force, since this process naturally weakens the Life Essence of the victim.

--------------- Death of Demons ---------------

Demons can not exactly die the same way many see death. What happens to them depends on how and where they are defeated. If a Demon is slain outside the Demon Realm, they are sent back to their place of origin where they will heal and reform (Normally 2 mins from death). Only then can they return to the plane they were originally “killed ". The only exception is a place of corruption, if the land is corrupted enough, demons will be able to heal and reform at a Hell gate.

Demons may also be vanquished. If a witch, priest or powerful magic user has enough power and knows how, they can use their own Life Essence and magic power to bound a demon to their home realm. This lock remains in place as long as the Caster is alive and awake. Once they pass-out, sleep, chose to release or break the connection, the Demon becomes free to roam once more. A person locking the demon in place is also unable to use magic (since they are currently using it all to bind a demon).

--------------- Demon Lords , gates , rips and places of corruption. ---------------

Demon Lords are the beings that run a Demonic Realm and are the center point for the Realm. They are the source of the realm’s power and the power processed by the Demon minions and thanes. While it is unsure how they come to be, all that is certain is that they crave power and have the need to grow and consume. Demon Lords exist in a Demon Realm that is created and manipulated by the lord itself. Within this very realm, the Demon lord is almost a God however not immortal.

A Demon Lord is unable to walk outside of the realm, unless there is enough corruption in the land. When a gate is in place, it is best to knock it down before it builds up enough power for the Lord to pass though (Normally a human month). A Demon Lord is able to open rips one at a time in dimensional space. These rips are points in which demons can come through, as well as the demon realm itself. The longer a rip is active, the more it corrupts the land around it. These rips are quite unstable and contact with any not from the Demon realm will course it to close. Eventually, if left alone long enough (2 days), the rip will turn into a Gate. A gate is far more stable to the point where even non Demons can pass through it.

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Demons Lore
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