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 Discord ONLY Rp [ Invasion of Hell ]

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PostSubject: Discord ONLY Rp [ Invasion of Hell ]   Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:40 pm

DAY 1 : A new Foe from the darkness.

There is a sudden bang that rings out in Hell. As a wave of demons start to lash out. There bodies black as there eyes glow blue. These beasts were of hell but something had changed them. The Master sits upon his throne wrapped in a deep slumber powering his body for the next gate. The horde of black demons burst forth form The lava. Hells Forces gear up and charge in defending the Throne and there Master in his weakened sate. The black army seems almost the same size as Hells if not Larger. The black army comes down on the pantheon with impressive force. Hell forces clash with intruders in thunder and flame. Hells Forces where outnumbered 2 to 1 but some how they pulled through. The battle did no serious damage however upon going over it all the black army did manage to steal 1 nova body. There forces retreated. Was that all they needed? Did we win? The black army slips back into the Pit hiding deep in Hells under belly.
Thane Maze filters over to the hell gate with my hell hounds in tow to check the security and strength of the gate. To delay the intruders if they do break through, I grab my bow and arrows. Saying a quick chant I release each arrow at the points of the gate, thin yet strong barbs of wire grow between each arrow making a web of thornes-
It seems that they have gone for good but who is to say when they will return

Thane Of War Elena Walking around Hell and the places the black army attacked, reading the battle reports and taking in consideration the appearance described by the survivors i start to recall in our history, thinking who could be behind the attack, when suddenly a thought comes through the Thane of Wars head "Queen Katie? - No she is not in Hell anymore..." Another name ring a bell in the Thanes memory "Midnight?" i need to ask the other Thanes about this so we can figure out who are this attackers and what they want.
The answer must be in our history

The warning bells ring and bang as the dark army starts to come up from the depths, There black skin standing out as they move though the Lava. There blue eyes glowing there numbers seem larger then before. The Hells forces deploy.

Kharsyn posts herself at the Pantheon, waiting for the dark army to come to her. She pulled her sword out and got in a defence position as smoke began to rise out of her dark eyes while they came closer before she let out a deep growl that emitted from her chest. She then charged at them with her portion of the army, swing around her sword every time she saw a black figure in front of her. Once she had began to slice the figures she blacked out, causing her to go on a slight rampage and go hard at the army, possibly killing as much as she could while she was blacked out.

Raven stands from the rock she is sitting at placing her book down, her ears twitching slightly at the sense of danger. She withdraws her scythe and takes off flying towards battle, red seeping into her vision in anger at who would dare attempt to harm her master and home. She lets out a growl of anger as she lands in front of the tower ready to cut down anyone who dares to get In close enough range of her scythe slaughtering as many creatures as possible.
Yuu Awakening in his bed which was composed of larger hell beasts and more delicate consorts who had been both charmed and drugged he strolls to a refined obsidian mirror to touch up his hair and check if there was anything stuck in his teeth a process that took a deal of time. Libidophage his tail and primary weapon assists him in the defence of the tower though more curious about these creatures attacking. His effort in the defence of the tower is minimal however not seeing too much a threat. It certainly wasn't worth the scars but watching scythe dances always entertained him.

The dark army comes forth clashing with hells Forces. The Pantheon is first hit, they come from the lava and into Khar and her forces. They bring a very quick death almost killing them faster then they can arrive, The black army stood no chance , a fly vs a Truck. [ The Pantheon is safe] The demons at the Tower see the battle in the distance and get ready for there turn like a black tide the enemy comes forth. The Demonic archers rain death from the Towers levels. as Yuu and Raven charge in with the troops , The battle is intense The Hells forces Plus the 2 demons are just enough to handle the coming waves. The sound of battle rings out as swords clash , fire is thrown , The Black Army attacking the Pantheon stops as if all connected to the one mind they turn back into the lava and make a charge at the Tower.

The Dark Army charges the tower from both sides over powering the demons at its defence . They start collecting bodies and dragging them away into the lava While the rest of there army keeps Hells forces at bay. Once there people are free they make a retreat back into the lava

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Discord ONLY Rp [ Invasion of Hell ]
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