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 Chain of Command and ranks

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PostSubject: Chain of Command and ranks    Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:23 am

Here is the Chain of Command and who ranks Who in order.

Demon Lord
Demon Queen

All Thanes are on equal footing.

SP ranks / MODS
Hands - These are demons appointed to aid the Lord or Queen
Generals - These are high ranking military demons
Leader ranks - these are demons appointed to lead a section/ place ---------  Military Demons - Demons officially serving in the army of hell  

All demons with no rank are on equal footing.

These are the minions that aid all of hell.

Demons can hold Multi-ranks  as well as Notable ranks like a Princess. Children of Drog hold no Official rank but respect is to be implied.
Also just because you out rank a demon does not mean you can disrespect, Being in a high rank requires a level of professionalism. Pull rank when needed
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Chain of Command and ranks
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