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 Joining Hell

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PostSubject: Joining Hell    Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:38 am

We need to be quite picky with who we let into our ranks. While numbers are important i will not have shit demons.
Being apart of our realm means that you are trusted and worth it. We do not take demons we cant use.

To join hell you / they need to have the following

> A demons word
A demon must give there yes to them joining hell, Giving your word means you trust them and believe they are worth having

> Activity
They need to be somewhat active in the room before they can join. You need to see them at lest once a week. As well as they need to
contribute to the chat.

Keep in mind the following, We need demons that will respect the chain of command and there dark master. This does not mean a complete yes man
But it does require some level of faith. A demon can talk aback against a call but it needs to be in a respectful and valid way, and not common place.
This means you can ask why , what and question calls as long as you dont do it ALL the time and often, and your concerns are valid.

Demons also can not give a word for the following
> their GF/ BF / married /kid or other connection that was formed outside of Hell.

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Joining Hell
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