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 RP Classes

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PostSubject: RP Classes   Fri Nov 10, 2017 11:17 am

The Demon Lord and/or Thanes will be holding classes to help people with RP posts.
DESPITE what many may think, DrogYol has been doing RP for many many years. He has made his reasons for stopping clear
before, but if you have ever wanted to see him doing larger RPs, classes and events will be your chance.

Class 1 : Basic RP - interacting with the environment and basic

Class 2 : Combat RP - This is RP made for combating Players as well as Event monsters and the like

Class 3 : Sex RP - This is how to make sex rp better and flow and work better as well as more fun.

Comment below and i will do a Q & A to answer questions.

------------------------------------------------------- Q & A --------------------------------------------------------------------

Q: How will Thanes, demons, guests and yourself distinguish which class is going on?
A: I will set times for the classes and be using a custom room for them so not to flood Hells chat. And there for you can go to the class that interests you. These classes will also NOT BE open to non-members. ( At this stage at lest )
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RP Classes
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