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 Thanes Of DrogYol

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The Thanes are demi-gods linked to the master himself, they curry his will and watch over his realms. Each thanes is chosen and given a new title to mark that aspect that stood out to there Master. The Title of Thane also crosses the void.

The Thanes hold the rights of MOD in all rooms.They will also vote on who get to be a MOD and they also enforce the Rules of Hell and follow the MOD rules

The Thanes vote on demons being added while a word is still required the Thanes will vote on the chosen

The Thanes vote on the Removal or Ban of members. Only with complete thane approval will it pass.
- If an agreement can not be made a list of Pros and cons will be made by the Thanes and sent to the master for his Final say

The Thanes are to communicate with each other and are responsible for the use of their own power. The Thanes are able to vote out other Thanes if all of them agree and a case is made to the master.

RP-wise They can focus and use a 1/4 of their master power in a one trait, such as strength or speed

The Thanes are chosen by the master.

The Thane of Knowledge: beyondtheneonrainbow
The Thane of Knowledge also known as Rain has sever the master since The Age Of Temptation. She has always use logic and reason, She has never stopped following her master , she never asked for power , She cares for Her lord and the realm She also crossed over the void behind her master.

The Thane of Connection: YashixBlackstone
The Thane of Connection also known as Yashi while being new follows her master with out question. She does her best to look for the possessive in people but more importantly she adds the Realm giving credits and making items asking not for anything in return. She was one of the first to follow her master across the void getting ready to aid demons in the transition to the DrogYol Realm. her loyalty is unbreakable.

The Thane of War: elena27bilb
The Thane of War also known as Elena the Commander, has lead Hell's army on and off since the Age Of Silence. She has dedicated her life to adding her master where possible also crossing the void. She trained in all forms of combat hell has had and masters all of them also the only demon to achieve level 9 status in the dice ring with skill alone. Holding 4 Trophy kills from the ring as well.

The Thane Of Time : Zehvira
The Thane Of Time also known as Blue, Has always gone with her gut she has always supported Hell in every way one for the main demons to enforce the armbands very proud of the mark she carries. One of the demons to also give credits and sit in the Pit alone during the masters transition.

Thane Of Justice: YukiRinEthereal
The Thane of justice Helps keep Hell safe she can see into the soul of those before her. She has served hell for endless years and always protects her master and the realm
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Thanes Of DrogYol
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