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PostSubject: RULES FOR THE RP MISSIONS    Wed Jan 10, 2018 2:48 pm

Here are the Rules and how to get started for the RP missions in IMVU.

It is recommended that you copy your card so that you can use it as a reference in missions.  
these are modifiers that improve your chances.

Type: This is the type of demon you are and you will gain ability or traits for that
HP : This is your Health points when under 5 you pass out
MP : This is your Magic Points  any powers or magic you wish to use will require its use it only comes back after a mission.
Damage : This is how much damage you can deal Physically ( With magic your toughness is your damage )
Toughness :This is how much damage you can resit ( this number is removed from damage you take, when you use it)
Speed: How fast you are and how quick you make a move
Speech: How convincing you are when talking.
Instinct: How alert you are. ( eg hearing a arrow coming or something coming from behind )
Intelligence: How quickly one can learn how to use foreign Technology
Stamina: How much you can hold and carry on you.
Physic Ability : the chance to move objects with your mind as well as control beings  

Types of Demon ------------------------------

Succubus: +20 to speech
These demons are known to get into the heads of there target convincing them and appealing to their inner desires. Commonly linked to lust.
They are able to talk or flirt to get there way.
Shadow walker: +10 to speed
These demons are able to temperately vanish into a cloud of black smoke at will. Allowing them to appear and disappear in a moment
These demons are hard to escape and fight  

Hell Hunter: + 10 to instinct
These demons are able to track down  targets and react at impressive speeds, they are very hard to sneak up on  

Demon warrior: + 5 to Strength and Stamina  
These are highly trained Demon fighters the last thing most will ever see. They walk into a town and leave nothing but ash and blood in there wake.
crossing these fighters is a death wish.

Seeker: + 20 to MP
These demons have a strong connection to Hell and are able to use a lot more of its power then most demons

Scholar + 20 to Intelligence
these demons are the chosen to study worlds and artefacts to in rich Hell.


Thane : Adds 10 to all startpoints
Captian : Adds 5 to 4 Stats
Commander: Adds 5 to all Stats

Use of Magic-------------------------------------

All demons are able to cast magic to some level. But how much is your MP.
For each spell and or use of magic you will need to spend 5MP then see if your Spell is cast.

Attack spells are anything that is able to damage a target like a fire ball.
the amount of damage you can deal to a target is equal to your Toughness. [ You can not use a fire ball hotter then you can withstand ]

Defensive spells are all forms of magic that are to aid another demon or yourself ( like healing ) Like attacking you say what you wish to cast take a MP loss and see if it works. You can only heal a target equal to your Toughness same with a wall to defend them is only as strong as you can create.

Buff spells are things that have effects like making another demon stronger or even hiding yourself from detection. these spell follow the same casting as the others But for each turn you wish to continue its use you will take another MP loss. As well as if the caster is damaged the Spell will stop that turn [ Idea being that they lost focus ]

--- How the RP works ------------------------------------------------

The Rp is run very closely to a game of D&D. This is to set limits to what demons are able to do as well as give you room to grow and goals to set. Each RP has a Dungeon Master [ DM ] This person plays the monsters and events and other things that happen in the RP. You will make a Post stating what you want to do and how you do it. Then the DM will respond with the results of your actions.

EXAMPLE : DEMON : looks at the undead before him " it seems i have no choice" raising his sword he lashes out as fast as he can trying to take out as many of them as possible.

DM: His mark land true, attack after attack he cuts them down until none are left standing .

EXAMPLE : DEMON : steeping out of the gate she looks around not trusting this strange new world

DM: As she looks about she soon spots some small green eyes to her east looking at her.
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